Ha ha ha! USA and husband.. Imeanza

USA nyinyi mko kwa deep problem. I cannot imagine you can allow an openly gay person to be a minister. What a shame!

Ghasia hizi thread za ushoga zipaki Twitter. Meffi ama umeamua kutoka from your filthy closet.

Aiiiii wacha ushamba:p. They hold high offices in the western world. They are good at what they do and above all they are children of God. What they do in their bedrooms is none of our bizna.

Trump is gone goooone goooooone. Zoea tu bruh. They go into the politics arena knowing fully well it is a game of losers and winners. So wacheni kuingilia Biden ki-sniper.

Butt - anus
Gieg - separate or cut with a sharp object

Biden and Kamala will finish what Obama and Biden had started. Any day now they will reintroduce the bathroom bill where men who identify as women can use women bathroom.
When Obama was president the evil society in Kenya was very energized. That is where we are headed. Hold on to your Bibles and Quran people!

Akina @Thirimaii

Fking insanity

Yunaires steits wako na gay pastas pale seattle hadi wanamuita first gentleman. Can’t beat them when it comes to faggotry alafu saa hii unaskia vile Libs wanazusha eti ma fag watakua wengi…as if walikua kidogo

Umesahau kikikiki
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I heard @T.Vercetti huwa Seattle with an ambiguous source of income

If the US thinks they can get away without repercussions, then God must resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to its inhabitants for destroying them. People may change their views over time, or even compromise their values to gain worldly acceptance, but God’s word will never change. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

Biden is a “strong Christian”. I heard him quote Psalm 30:5 in his inaugural speech.

Does Biden know what transpired yesterday? Hard to tell if he’s in there or not.
The devil can out-quote all of us but he can’t live that life.

what the fuck.


Shurrup. While you are busy making soft moans here , @kanguthu your wife is advertising for sex.

He is selling his anus to the highest bidder.


This administration is pushing that LGBT agenda hard… On the other hand female sports in the US about to become a lot more funnier [ATTACH=full]345969[/ATTACH]

@T.Vercetti ,ni ukweli uko na dough kuruka na bado uko shule? :D:D:D

Hii motivational speeches itakuuwa. Accept and move on

My very first employer in America was a gay black woman. A great woman. Pillar in her community.

They are usually v good folk. No bad bone at all. Very sensitive and generous too. Most of my best friends from work are gay men and one of them is my sons’ godfather. Why? because he is my bff in life. I had to put in tonnes of work to convince their father that he is my choice.
Like you, he was my 1st Manager when I joined the civil service. He masterminded my career to great heights. Remember I am a black woman and all that… that goes with it…we remain tight friends to date.

Biden will steer America to it’s lost glory. 4 more years under Trump??? naaaaah.