Ha ha ha! Too late... You made your bed.. Now lie in it


RAT amamaliza his 10 billion handcheque, his breastfeed baba initiative is rejected everywhere except some areas of nyanza and there are current political talks he is not involved or informed until much later on. This is the point RAT realizes he was a puppet all this time. Umbwa yeye.

Hate him or love him… He hits the nail on the head

A reminder of who he really is…:smiley:


As I have said severally, this was the biggest blunder this fool made. Instead of capitalizing on jubilee failures, he made his mind to carry all its burdens. Sadly he’s realizing it quite late. Unless aditch handshieth

He has time to turn around before achome his legacy.


Are you natty dread? He loved posting this clip

Unbelievable how the DP seems a safer distance, he could have as well increase the detachment by saying NO! Jakon on the hand seems balls deep in shiet… No homo

Looking at it from a different angle, why would Senator Kang’ata with direct access and communication to the president write him a public letter?
This is directed right at Raila and co with Uhuru’s blessings/guidance that the BBI is a hardsell in Mt Kenya and therefore a flop.

If Tinga is a fool what are you? I doubt if a fool confined to Bondo by thurakus can make it to the centre of govt. No?

I don’t think if Uhuru bolts out Raila loses,infact unlike the past,Raila will use the moment to show he is a peace maker,that will box Uhuru into a corner, resurrect the shenanigans of 2017 where Uhuru won with 7.4m which was 98% of the 34% turnout in the repeat election.

Mathematically that repeat election also boxed Uhuru,it’s easy to accurately calculate possible votes they control.

I don’t see a winner in this kind of politics,we are where we were since orange banana referendum

This was 2019. [ATTACH=full]342644[/ATTACH]

Kenya is bigger than Mt Kenya. Tutapitisha hii BBI by 8am.

Relax mjamaa. He doesn’t owe you anything. I used to admire his courage when talking about the evils of jubilee. But since chose to eat with them, I would wish he lose 10-0 or get betrayed by uthamaki. At least his mind will wake up.

Waaaawaaa that can never ever be me. It is a popular clip in Jubilee circles.

No lie detected!!!

I support balkanization of Kenya. Kila watu wakule kwao tuone this tribal chief warlords wataiba nini.

Tribal chief wanakuja kuisha pole pole