H H Agha Khan to the rescue

The three ugly sisters have finally bowed down
as much showdown of their supremacy to
goverment on their will to continue analogue
broadcast. This came as the Aga khan sought
audience with president on digital migration
matter. he was infuriated by his NTv failure to
comply with goverment and authorized the two
tv station under him to comply with goverment
regulation and provide their signal to digital
broadcast. this was backlash to other media
houses who had no option but to comply and
agreed to resume together on ADN platform
against their will.

They were talking about PANG being a foreign company kumbe hata wao wako owned by foreigner kweli nyani haoni… … …:wink:

its called cheap politics

Even those kumbaffs have foreign elements in them.

The Aga Khan knew what was going on. Visiting the president is just theatricals.

@LOVELYSTALLION In love with your avatar. Tell me, where?

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London UK.

How on earth does it sell in UK? KTB kiosks au?

msg from Zuku

GOOD NEWS! Citizen, KTN , NTV & QTV channels are expected back on air tonight at 7PM showing on channel numbers 11, 12, 13 & 18 respectively. Keep Enjoying Zuku.

Meria tumepatana tena kwa hii forum

welcome bro, hapa tuko home away from home,
Press Statement By The Nation Media
Group, Standard Group And The Royal
Media Services
Subject: Resumption Of Television
Almost three weeks ago, exactly 19 days
today to be precise, the Communications
Authority of Kenya ostensibly acting in
forceful implementation of its digital
migration schedule raided our signal relay
stations in Limuru, switched off
transmitters and carted away equipment.
The consequences of the unfortunate Valentine
Day events included the disruption of the
analogue broadcasts and subsequent
withdrawal of regular programming by our
stations namely NTV and QTV operated by the
Nation Media Group, Standard Group’s KTN
and Citizen TV of the Royal Media Services.
Together, these stations accounted for more
than 80 percent of the country’s television
For millions of our viewers, the last three
weeks have been difficult as have been
unprecedented. Never before, since the
liberalization of the country’s airwaves have
television broadcasts been interrupted or
subjected to a crisis of the proportions just
witnessed. All this we sadly note, transpired in
the name of Digital Migration, a process that
we maintain, has grossly been mishandled.
Through our self-provisioning digital signal
carrier consortium the Africa Digital Network
Limited ADNL, we have now completed the
installation of our digital signal distribution
infrastructure around Nairobi and we are
pleased to inform our esteemed viewers that
tonight, beginning 6.50pm, we are resuming
regular programming across the 4 channels.
We would also like to inform our viewers that
our channels NTV, KTN CITIZEN and QTV are
and must remain Free-To Air (FTA) available to
you free of charge and without monthly
subscription on all universal decoders. To this
end, we are in the process of importing our
own Set Top Boxes (STBs) that would guarantee
the right of all viewers to watch our channels
free of charge just as they did before.
As we resume our broadcasts, we would like to
indicate that many of the concerns we have
articulated around the management of the
Digital Migration process remain unresolved.
The matter of copyrights to our content and a
guarantee of non-interference on our channels
on Pay TV platforms remain particularly
pertinent. We will continue pursuing a
resolution to these and other outstanding
issues in the best interest of our viewers, our
journalists and our businesses.
We thank our viewers for the patience they
demonstrated throughout the difficult 19 days
of darkness and for their continued faith in
our television channels.
We wish you a very happy viewing.

I can see the three are now also complying with the rules by switching off analogue signal in other areas where they had ignored

ntv and citizen still on analog in Mombasa

The niggas are on Signet and ADN. I have noted the ADN signal is extremely strong compared to PANG and Signet. I sense noncompliance!

I retuned and realized they abandoned PANG and got into Signet.

For those who’re wondering, ADN is on the frequency 594MHz in Nbi and surrounding areas.

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ADN can fuck themselves.