Thanks to the “state” for finally waking up.

Here is the knockout on the Supreme Court today,

Justice Mwilu is “traumatised” ,she is hiding under her bed.√
Justice Ibrahim is “sick” √
Justice Wanjala’s phone is switched off, probably a hang over. √
Justice Njoki in a Mombasa beach having her “important Swimming lessons” .√
Justice Ojwang in Migori for the elections √

Hapa Uk walitoa joker card

Hii ndio maana kwa game ya Cards hua tunatoa Joker.

At a Mimi ningekua SCOK judge ningeenda skinny dipping Mambatha, isa public holiday hee!


niwekee nyani kilo moja


Hi @Nefertities and @MaryJane .How about a celebration of H.E U.M.Kenyarra’s Birthday party at a Classified lokashen ,with yours …Le Grand A.G. as we take turns to put each other through their paces and places. oh… @pseudonym dear feel free to join :wink:

I have never been an afterthought in anyone’s life so kindly accept my apologies.sigwesmake. :):slight_smile:

Niaje wankernyama.

Supreme Court WhatsApp group.

Maraga: Mnakam?

Blue ticks.

Daddy hii tuliona lini

Kabla reducible minimums zikuwe irreducible minimums.

Tuongee after kura imehesabiwa na direct ticket to bondostan has been confirmed.

:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: si unajua @MaryJane is Numero uno .Kienyeji 100%.

Heshima kwa second in command.
2 IC as we call them in military lingo…Hapo nimetii amri.:slight_smile:

wewe ni kienyej ama Broiler?