Kae wena ngoma?

I know a mzee who is a gynecologist and that guy is a fuckster, he had a beautiful wife but she left him cause of his infidelities, drinking and drug abuse.
The guy has a son but he is a beta male as wifed up a singo matha of 3 and got a kid with her and to top it all up, they both used to shag the same sq and she was a mwathiriwa.

Una umama sana

Hii yote nani amekuuliza - hii umama yote had you directed it to a more useful venture, we would be celebrating a world with one fool less today.

By you replying to my comment also shows that you are on the same level as my umama. You played yourselves.

Gamal :D:D the second sentence should be an hekaya for another day. Without summary

huyu mwanaume si anunuliwe leso na weave jameni …


nitachanga ashu ya leso