Gyms in Nairobi cbd

I seriously need to get back in shape, can anybody recommend a good gym in nairobi cbd, na sio ile inakuanga hapo koinange karibu na chester house.

jaribu SJ. i hear they will allow all kinds of contortions as long as you pay right…

Get a bike my friend


try sex like other normal people

sex and avoid lady on top and other lazy boy mastyro

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Ile inakuanga Koinange karibu na Chester House.

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Jaribu ya hilton

unfortunately sex is not readily available whenever one wishes, and it comes with a lot of baggage, i prefer working out. @The.Black.Templar my schedule doesn’t allow me to cycle every day.

hehe am sure if you are in an investment policy meeting with senior management you would still find a way to suggest a bike

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Anyway, kuna gym Accra Hotel on Accra road. Kuna ingine hapo place 44 hupandiwa kwa corner ya Tuskys. Kuna ingine kando ya Kengeles ya Koinange.


I used to train for karate hiyo base

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kuna gym iko hapa nyayo High way mall 3rd floor, its cheap and has sauna and steaming, its the best compare na zatao zenye hazina steaming or sauna

How much tukijipata huko siku moja?

monthly 5k pa day 500, me i do go that place , its worth of your money since if u paid sauna or steam pa session is 500 in thos big hotels

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sauna pia ni 500 bob? Then that’s good.

@WuTang all inclusive dady


l all inclusive