How much would a typical gym startup cost, where will I outsource the equipments and at how much, what about the monthly and daily subscriptions, someone to shed some light about the pros and cons.

With the recent quarantines and people staying at home, they’ve gained weight,

Depends. On location, clientele, your goals etc, but from the way you’re asking this, you have not done any research, surveys, enquiries about the business yet you expect a very text book answer. So do yourself a favour

Gym is a very capital-intensive business. A decent treadmill costs 150 to 200k, spin bike 40k huko, smith machine kitu 200-300k. That’s the cost for single items na hujahesabu weights na vitu zingine za kawaida. Gym pia inataka a large space, which costs more to rent, na instructors, bathrooms, maji kwa wingi including hot shower so tokens pia utakuwa unanunua kununua. I’m not trying to discourage you. Unless you want to start small na vitu kama basic dumbells, barbells, na u-concentrate na cardio exercises, you need at least afew hundred thousand shillings to start. Na hapo you’ll be doing some serious bootstrapping.

Ukweli. Actually the more lucrative thing in Kenya is selling online diet guides. Niko na beste who was making 300k a month from those things just spamming Facebook groups with them.

Pia this meal plan thing naskia iko na wateja siku hizi

Issue with a gym ata sio startup cost. The problem lies with getting a good trainer. That and finding the perfect location.

You can open a small mtaa gym. Smallest I have seen is about 1000 sq ft. Treadmills and bikes on one side and a small carpeted area for stretches and weights on the other side. You will need a professional trainer or two. You can spice the place with big screens and blast some live football especially on weekends and a sound system with contemporary music.
For equipment new travel and purchase in China. If used buy from the U.K./EU ,US. Residents sell such equipment at throw away prices. You can also find gyms selling out equipment in full for discount. Have someone place in a cargo container and ship for you. 15k for a treadmill, weight set 20k, stands for 20k, bikes 10k.
150k could put you in business.

In short mwambie tu ajipange na Mita moja

Ngumu sana. Keep in mind setup costs za the space, rent plus deposit. Si ati he will find the space is ready for a gym. Equipment used will probably be defective and will break down often. Kuna gym unaendanga unapata ikona treadmills 10 but only moja inafanya kazi.

You need a businessplan. OP was not open with any info, budgets, location, feasibility study of memberships? Will people pay. Thats where now he has to decide what kind of gym. I would say I can rent a space in the shopping center for 20-25K/month and turn it around using laminate floors or cement floors, you cover with that gym mat. It doesnt have to be glitzy. You can use mirrors to cover walls.

Equipment is not made for commercial purposes.Trick is identify a brand that doesnt easily break down and purchase that. Parts will be an issue but labor to fix is not. Some of this stuff you can fix on your own or use boys who have been in trade school ( polytechnic).