GYM Equipment

Hi Guys, I would wish to purchase some basic gym equipment for a home gym and would need your advise on the best suppliers of these both locally and abroad. I’ll appreciate tips on importing work out equipment since I’ve been made to understand that this would be a cheaper option.

Some of the things that I need are: Dumbbells, Weight bench, weights and weight bars etc.

Will appreciate good pointers from ya’ll, Thanks.

on the search too…kwanza situps pedal rope

Fanya ivi, weka container ya Kasuku cement na mchanga, changanyisha halafu chuma ya kuzishikilia…hivi ndivyo mtu hukuwa 130kgs of pure muscle huyu fore man @Randy atakuibia hizi vitu kwa site

err…you realise this means one becomes muscular everywhere,including the brain…

Thanks for this. Checking them out and they seem to be the real deal.

ndio wana kila kitu lakini bei mse, nakuambia na vile nilikuwa na pupa ya kuweka home gym,imebidi nianze kujiconvince at “fitness is overated”

Sasa ii ghasia imetoka shimo gani…

Hehehehe… gym equipment is not cheap.

Enyewe bei yao ndio issue. Naona Flat bench press wanauza 110k :smiley:

Keep it up. Zangu nilinunua kwa kamuarabu flani msa hapo kaloleni karibu tononoka.

Unaweza pata za second hand pia Ex UK if you don’t mind. Niliona some treadmills hapo Kariobangi Roundabout.

Good luck, ukipata poa ambia sisi pia.

Dumbbells enda decathlon @The hub

We only recognize one 130kg nigga. And that is @Motokubwa

Kuna fabricator wa steel bar, I think anaitwa Mungai utampata hapo Light industries Kariobangi, anauza plates pia at 200 per kg, but I go for my plates at scrapmetal yards, where plates from Lorries weighing 40 and 20 kgs can be found, have them weighted before buying to ensure they match. I source mine from Juakali Shaurimoyo at 100 per kg you can easily get the 10kg, 5kg and 8Kg plates at this place, Benches I had them fabricated by Japolo ( a Luo Mukorino) a local welding guy who is also into weights, for the flat, incline and decline benches.
Improvisation is the way to go if your pockets ain’t that deep and you love weights. In my area of posting the nearest gyms are usually over 40 Kms away, I had to fabricate mine, which moves with me with each transfer.

Enda Kariobangi usupport metal workers wa huko, wanatengeneza chuma fiti. Nilipata bar+weights hapo, alafu rack tafuta pale Nyayo Stadium kuna wasee wanatengeneza pale. The rest tafuta OLX ama last option itabidi unyoroshwe kwa duka ya muindi kama Nairobi Sports House.

You can also check out game supermarket ama eastleigh. …

Hata mimi natambua 130kg of pure muscle, the chieftain of the mighty Wa conglomerate @Motokubwa destroyer of midgets like @Panyaste

Nice one guys. Local support is the way to go. Everyone benefits.