Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe Desmond Tutu and Thabo Mbeki just to name a few…were also initiated into this.

Kali sana

Yes… here’s part of the proof…[ATTACH=full]286980[/ATTACH]

Karoga pia unakuwanga Irruminanti

bonobos fearing what they do not understand… thanks to religious propaganda…

Wasnt Desmond Tutu a Catholic?

Nope he’s Anglican… although the real difference between anglican and catholic is that anglicans marry and do not answer to Rome but to England… kila kitu ingine nafanana…

Ehh but whats he doing up there with devil worshipers.

Like I said, punguza religious propaganda… from the middle ages

get serious bro

Thats what we used to call them.

The villagers hold you on a very high decorum and would like to maintain it that way. Please speak or rather, write less.

What are your thoughts on this…? You can clarify further…

He is a retired Anglican Archbishop

@mikel and @mpendakazi why are you shying away from elaborating your thoughts?

Some foolish villagers those are

Some debates aredraining and pointless, especially about religious convictions… its all out there you can google for yourself… and reach your conclusions… kama iko tofauti na yangu njoo unikosoe tuone… kama nafanana sandi sana, tuende kasi ingine…

They wear black since medieval ages,since black dont crack:D:D,haipati uchafu from blood stains and since they were doctors or nurses and first aiders during wars,they wore white inside to identify and black robe outside
[ATTACH=full]287155[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]287156[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]287157[/ATTACH]Humans,(christians) fear what they dont know. I dont blame you…here goes
Maltese cross is most famously associated with the Knights of Malta, as well as Malta itself as a country,The Maltese Cross formally adopted by the Knights Hospitallers of St. John in 1126, owes its origins to the crosses used in the crusades, when it was identified as the symbol of the “Christian warrior” though they kicked a$$ and plundered,anyway,Its eight points denote the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights, namely “to live in truth, have faith, repent one’s sins, give proof of humility, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and wholehearted, and to endure persecution”.Later they came to represent the eight "tongues”,of the noblemen who were admitted to the famed order, namely those of Auvergne, Provence, France, Aragon, Castille and Portugal, Italy, Baviere (Germany), and England (with Scotland and Ireland) later adopted by the commonwealth countries.As part of its present-day teachings, the cross represents eight beatitudes (or ‘blessings’). A good first aider in service of the Order of St. John is Observant, Tactful, Resourceful, Dextrous, Explicit, Discriminating, Persevering and Sympathetic.
For crying out loud they are not devil worshipers ,but hey,to each his/her own ama namna gani?

My friend…people scoff yet the evidence stares them in the face everyday.

@Tom Bayeye & @mpendakazi now that @mikel has stonewalled this thread :smiley:

fear what they don’t know. I dont blame you…
this is not fear of the unknown … rather…it is the truth… which is OUT THERE :)…and for your information… the Knights of Malta is a degree in the progressive Scottish Rite.[ATTACH=full]287246[/ATTACH]