Guys what is the work of government in Kenya

I received a message ati the Level 4 hospital in my shags needs the following so we need to change to equip the hospital for Covid. How do you pay taxes then a hospital has nothing, not even basic equipment? Kazi ya County government and MOH ni gani in this country? Kazi ni kuongeza senators and prime Minister and Deputies when even basics are not in place.
List in order of priority
1.oxygen concentrator-an cylinders.-120,000
3.personal protective gears
4.wallmounted thermometer–6000

5.Full hemogram machine–500,000

  1. Electrolytes machine.–208,500

7.fume chamber(fabricated)–100,000

8.modern delivery coach–200,000



This excerpt is about the USA and it’s NSA , but the definition of government therein pretty much sums what a government is to me.


BBI has been endorsed… just waiting for the voting day so that I can vote my “NO” whether they rig or not. I will have done justice in my heart for those who will come after me… We are about to have the nation fcked after the BBEye passes… we’ll see dictatorship that is worse than Moi and Jomo combined… all that as we sheepishly support hyenas… I have come to conclude that Kijiji supports BBI but that is also within their rights.

The yearly sitting allowance for one MCA would comfortably pay for all that.

i gave up on Kenya when i understood mpende msipende BBI itapita,now its self preservation,prizzz changeni pesa nione kama ntapata biashara huko meru,wacheni kusumbua

You guys never learn. Keep complaining its the government. When its the individuals you put in power. And cry tribal attack when the guy is being hounded.
Si ulipigia huyu jamaa kura for Governor in 2017. Irregularly awarded a 40m contract to himself. By my calculation, that money can purchase 30 units each at that hospital alone. How much more has he stolen.


When people will stop voting for watu wao Kenya itasonga mbele.

I voted Sonko, passaris and Wetagulas disabled bro think he’s called Wanyoyi, MCA I voted NASA though I knew none.

Well as long as we keep on voting mafia members and other criminals we will never move ahead.

its a shame that we are waiting for old people from northern Carolina 30 million kilometres from here to donate a few thousand dollars for our hospitals while the local leadership has more than enough resources to buy whatever is needed.