guys wake and post new threads,we are gradually killing this village

its so sad to see only 3-5 new post in a particular category per day,where as we have over a 1000 members in the whole village,tafadhalini,post new materials for the sake of this village.i remember some times back,we used to have over 10 posts in a day…amkeni nugu zangu tufanyane sote kwa bidii,


Some AHoles only know how to criticize and label Hekayas and yet they dont contribute sh*t. Te judgement is what scares peeps from posting but then again i ask- Unaogopa nini na wewe ni keyboard warrior? We cant judge you and if we did we dont know you…so Man or Woman the F up and contribute


We are old monks. One post is ok.

then we should also press the like button…kenya talk is our real home…make it fun guys

As far as i can see this village is far from death! Iko hiyo ingine inajiita kenyagen where i peep once in a while…donno what to call that, its beyond death!

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I posted one on technology yesterday nugu zikanitusi.


Ambia admin wafungue v.i.p. Mi siezi shinda nikirudia hoya!


I second, VIP ndio ilikuwa ktalk, otherwise Hekaya ndio mob

Aiiiih wewe ni mziito…unasoma ukicheka!

Matusi lazima

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Na gwati pia …vip, vip, vip…//

ukipost kitu na ukose matusi…njua ilikuwa boring

Tukose kukutusi tuchekwe…

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Wewe piga picha place uko saa hii na utunge Insha ukiitumia hiyo picha.
Thats whats its all about but some brain-dead ,cock-suckers like @uncle nyam kazi yao ni Ku-troll attempting to dis anyone trying to post anything na hautawai ona waki-post kitu yoyote hao ni commentators and critics.
We all here to have Fun and if i (a thick-skinned , key board warrior who Never gave a fuck ) sometimes gets offended by such cowards i can only fear for all the “New villagers” who come here everyday dying to share something but are scared off by Retards like @uncle nyam ,@Muranga and all the other Bitch-Ass knuckleheads.


[QUOTE="amkeni nugu zangu tufanyane sote kwa bidii,[/QUOTE]


I get bored easily by repetitive imaginary sexual fantasies. I never insulted you, but i asked you to vary your stories. i even said it would be nice since you are a good narrator… But i find your repetitive narrations boring.
That doesn’t mean soap lovers wont like your hekayas, try something new UNABORE!


You’ve got too much estrogen

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BTW, if you follow my comments closely, they are filled with stories /experiences of my own. Its just that not everyone is an attention seeking bitch who creates threads for the sake of it. And when given a dissenting opinion, turns to insults and juvenile tantrums . I am comfortable with how i contribute, kama unaumwa jikune. Ama uambie waweru akusaidie. Usiniletee PMS

I personally appreciate your “kuuliza si ujinga” posts…However, I can’t help but notice you’re such a wimp!! Who the fuck cares whether ni ujinga or not? Just post your heart out… Let us judge whether it’s dump or not! The good news is the village is complete you just might find someone to answer the “dumb” question…

Chief, 3/4 of your comments are “gay” or a gay meme…