guys take kea of ua ladies

Maboi ata nyinyi mnakuaga funny sana.all the time ladies are gold diggers.tangu mjuane hujawai mnunulia ata handkerchief ya ten bob…viatu zake zimeisha akikam kwako.kila tym ikikatika anajilipia…huezi ata sema umnunulie ingne…anashnda kukam kwako ata fare huwezi mpea…kila tym anajilipia…na unaenda kumpee push kwa stage na unamhug baff…unashnda kumchangamkia hujai taka kujua anaoganga bei ya sabuni unajua ni ile ya 5bob yet unataka ki2 clean.unacmpln unataka ki2 clean…nywele yake ikibeat ni ww wa kwanza kucomment apo…aty beb ua hair is spoilt.akitengenezwa uko apo kumwambia vile ako amazing…nkt nkt nkt nkt. kazi yako ni kubeep na kuplease kol dame yako.please guys take kea of ua ladies if u dnt anatha guy wil utaachwa apo umezubaa…


@liz let me take care of you :wink:

Why do you stick to such guys?

Haha @liz sasa ata wewe sijui nianzie wapi, but if that is what’s happening, then the guy ain’t too sure about you

@Zarina exactly… Pia why should i take kea of a lady like Liz if she can’t take kea of her grammar?


sasa na si.ishi na yeye mbona nijibug?!?

aslong ninapata DF hadi kwa mkia hizo zingine ajipange :smiley:

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I find Nairobi Ladies’ sense of entitlement very distuebing

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@liz nakupenda tu still.

dame si bibi


So unatry kutushow hauna waks ama umechoka na huyo hustler uko na yeye?


Heh heh!Nikama ndrama ya findeo

@liz, your atrocious communication ‘skills’ aside, you come out as yet another deluded, cheap, self-seeking and frivolous Kenyan woman. Your rants are not only infantile but also full of rickety insinuations.

So, according to you, the Kenyan man should always be ‘investing’ in his woman, right? What for? Sex? ‘Love’? . This is the problem with Kenyan women: they think getting into a relationship is equivalent to winning a lottery. To the average Kenyan woman like this liz, a man should be a walking ATM-spending and spending his money in order to enjoy whatever is in between a woman’s legs. This is utter nonsense. You women have always claimed that you are independent; why can’t you use your ‘independence’ to satiate your insatiable desires for luxury?

Why should a man spend 40k on you just to get sex when he can solicit the services of a hot hooker at a cost of only 2k?

You know, women have the tendency of grossly overvaluing their V. It’s not that valuable. In fact, that V has caused tremendous misery to many men in form of child support, poverty diseases, death and disability. But Nairobi women think that men just think of sex and, consequently, they have overvalued their pu$$ies with a percentage of almost 50,000%. So this Nairobi woman believes that a man should spend up to 200k on her so that he can get between her legs.

Instead of investing in a woman who is not my wife or my mother or my sister , I would rather educate an orphaned kid—and, actually, I do this.

So, liz, next time try not to display your ignorance and delusions.

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Further, who told women that they are such ‘valuable’ assets in the lives of men. How ignorant can you be? What do many Nairobi women have to offer, except constant nagging and monetary demands? So, in your deluded world, you think leaving a guy is such a great deal? Most likely, you’ll have saved him from financial stress, child support, nagging, diseases and death. And, BTW, you sound like a broke college student and a wannabe member of the ‘lost’ ‘Xaxa’ generation. I should stop being harsh on you; i understand which cave of fantasies you are crawling from.
If you want a real gentleman, be a real lady. First, drop that ‘XaXa’ language. Stop expecting that broke Aviation college dudes that you are dating will meet your financial demands. They can barely avoid a mug of Keg.
If you want the best in life, get an education and self improvement. Further, stop assuming that simply because you opened up your legs to a man, he owes you anything. He doesn’t owe you a dime. If all Nairobi women were to charge all the men that they’ve slept with, 90% of them would become overnight billionaires.

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Women are created to squeeze your a$$ to death to keep their children going. Natural selection did away with the kinder ones. The surviving ones are the genetically ruthless and narcissistic. Take it or leave it.


Yeah… think of it. And look around.

looks like @liz got more than she bargained for here.
after karl and ingia’s comments have nothing else to add.