Guys Let Us Re-write The Black Narrative

We need to raise a generation of real and strong black males who will get respect wherever they go in the world. And we can’t achieve this if we keep posting the shit I see posted here. First, let’s be real. We have to respect our women, there is no going around that. It is our women who will raise the next generation of black men and if they get hurt or mistrust, we will get Jojinas all over posting nonesense. I have applied for funding for this cause. It has 0 - 25 % max chance of going through. But whether it goes through or not I think it is a cause worth pursuing.
I see a whole lot of disrespect and hate being propagated as being alpha. That needs to be challenged strongly. A strong man is not an abusive man. A strong man can defend his position with intelligence, grace and mercy. I know violence whether physical or verbal is a part of a man’s life… but it shouldn’t be a part of your women’s life. Give them peace and protection to raise the next generation better than we were raised or we will continue to be beggers on the world stage. Which am sorry to say we are. When did you last write to an African organisation for funds?

Black thread? I am outta here

I can’t fit in

Somalis are black too. I have a Somali girlfriend you know.

Race cannot be defined by skin color; south Indians and Bangladeshi are not Africans though they bear black skins

We raise them well …and I dont mean a well to be filled by filthy frogs like u

I wont respond with hateful words. But my Somali friend loves me. That’s enough for me. I love Somalis too. campaigned for one along the way.

Is it friend or girlfriend

I keep several girlfriends, so choose whichever hurts you the least.

You remind me so much of Dominican Republic and some parts of Ethiopia. Black men who think they win a trophy by lying to themselves they are ot black. No serious person out there respects people who deny their being… except people who misuse them.


Kua mpole am not disrespecting your sister. I respect her to death. She handles my money since 2015

Has this turned into a dialogue?

@ChifuMbitika. One thing that saddens me so much, wherever you go in the world, African men are at the bottom of the totem pole. Even in our own countries. You show up with a white man somewhere and before anyone there knows anyone they gravitate to him first. Only we can change this, by projecting a better image of ourselves. By being succesful, respectful, reliable, responsible and projecting it out to the world to see. That will take several generations to accomplish obviously. But a start is a start.

but also projecting all the hate, failures, characters … of the black person is also a start.

you have to acknowledge your weaknesses and turn them to strengths.

I’m personally pretty aware of our weaknesses. But to change perceptions is expensive. It needs money. Who will fork out that money?

it might not require large sums of money.
there are avenues already in place that we can use to enlighten the black folks.
we can change the education system- include our history
use our local Tv, radio, productions to also push this agenda.
use our sports, entertainment avenues to also push this agenda.

we need to show ourselves that we can do stuff on our own and not rely on the whites.

let’s make Nollywood our hollywood, lets air local sports on our local stations…

but changing the mindset of grown-ups will be difficult. best to start with the kids

Sounds easy on paper… until you try.

the odds will always be stacked against you but we can see nations that had odds stacked against them and are now rocking if not steering the ship.

our undoing is our culture of not wanting to try new things and always waiting for thongs to be done for us.
also, we won’t unite for a common or beneficial course.

i personally gave up on Blacks. we are to complicated to be saved.
am of the opinion of encouraging mixed relationships to wipe out the black race.

hapa @Bingwa Scrotum alipata heart attack ! :p:D

what you plan to do is great but i don’t think it’s the best route , i’ll give a general answer …alafu , changing a people’s perspective countrywide is not easy…it takes more than ads …chairman mao , ghengis khan , stalin , Desaline ,& hitler managed to do it soo well but they had to unite a majority of ppl first …

I believe the best way to change our kind of society is by controlling govt , these NGO’s and grants or whatever don’t work effectively , i dont think helping 2% of people is fair …i feel like society is better off with people like you creating political parties and steering society with all the resources needed…


for that to succeed, it would require a dictatorship rule to ensure that your “right” way succeeds.
and also our tribal differences is still a major disadvantage.

a belief that we need to develop systems that work for Africa-education, policies, infrastructure, urban and rural setups… just like many great Africans preach. (like what China has done)