Guys in their late 30's, 40's and 50's...

Being 26, every once in a while I like to sit down nisikie what my elders have to say about life ; so men in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, what do you wish you would have done, or not done, or done differently when you were a bit younger? Saidieni na advice I’m trying to navigate life and I don’t want to assume I know everything. @Jimjones Tangu useme mercedes C class ni ya kununulia bibi afanyie shopping I’m eager to hear from you.

Build yourself in all aspects na usikimbilie kuoa until you know who you are


Apunguze pombe na malaya pia

Don’t invest too much in Lanyes

Nice, what does “until you know who you are” mean exactly?

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:DI drink once every 3-4 months and never go past 4 bottles…malaya is a no-go zone for me:D

Haha, don’t sire any bastards.

Sire with the right person if you must.

How do you lump together 30’s, 40’s and 50’s? That’s a really wide age group.


Punguza tu pombe na umalaya. Kuwa strategic. Buy land, and alot of it in your village. Plant Macadamia, Hass and other trees. Its an old school back up plan that has covered old wazees when everything went south in the city


Always wear condom kijana, dont try that naanza bila kisha nitavaa nikimalizia bs. It will get your life complicated for nothing. Dont over invest in romantic relationships females change like the weather. Always put some money on the side for a rainy day. And know for a fact only your mother will love you unconditionally… too many fake azz maafakaz out here you think are your friends.

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Following closely…:smiley:

Hii sijaskia bado. More on macadamia, hass and other trees brother…

I will respond to your questions later.

Nimeona several guys coming down to the village after mashida kanairo imezidi. Do karesearch kako uone bro

Its good to have a few friends to lean on, but avoid mbogi completely. Do things your own way without interference.


Network and look for a mentor.

At age 32, was already a Golf club member and that is where I have built my business network.

I’m just looking far ahead…

I’m 31. What I learnt so far :

  • don’t over invest in women. Invest the least possible and avoid trying to impress bitches. I bought my ex wife a car which she ended up crashing. After the divorce I regretted ever investing so much into her. I should have bought her the cheapest car out there instead of a newly imported car. Blew 750k on it. One of the worst mistakes of my life.
  • hit the gym 4 times a week and get your body to be lean (have atleast a 4 pack). Avoid kitmabi at all costs. Watch what you eat. DONT BE A FAT LOOSER WHO USES HIS WALLET TO GET WOMEN.
  • Make as much money as possible so you don’t have to take crap from anyone. Save as much as possible.
  • Make strategic friendship with people who add value. Not random dudes who want to drink every weekend.
  • if you must drink, do it once a week.
  • always have 3 women on rotation. Avoid marriage as much as possible. There is no benefit to a man (I’m divorced at 31 years). I’ll never marry again. It’s a waste of time and resources.
  • Own the best things in life (cars, phones etc) and be selfish as much as possible. People out here don’t give a fuck about you. They only want their self interests.
  • Travel as much as possible. Memories are things no one can ever take away from you.
  • don’t have many kids. Children will drain your financial muscle.

Well said, hii nina-bookmark.

I hope I’ll find you there…giving myself about 4-5 years.