Guy code..

chips fungaing decoded… This program tells it like it is… zero chills. Mbisha iko hapa.[ATTACH=full]7806[/ATTACH]

Attach mbica vizuri to help me understand hio story

hapo sawa?

Hapo sawa mujamaa

me too. so after pizza, you put the ring back on???


referring to the guy code coded picture

After pizza anaingia box then you go DFHKM… at no single point in that sequence does a ring feature… simply put after pizza you ask “can I screw you” and she says yes… the last diagram is the hallelujah moment after conquest…What follows ni labda the thought of going to vct na pep for a month… some villagers know all about that.

Waaa…couldnt have guessed. thought the ‘screw’ part was a guy removing his wedo ring :wink:

hehehe good one. VCT lol