Gurus Please

between Nissan X trail 2009 model ,2000cc and Mitsubishi Challenger 2009 model ,2500cc
which one is more affordable in terms of spares, fuel and maintainace.

@Guru ako na Toyota




There are no Gurus here. It’s only one @Guru.

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i would assume the challenger. mitsubishi will give you less issues than a nissan.
expect electrical issues and expensive parts na nissan.
mitsu, not so much - in comparison that is.
are we dealing with diesel ama peti?


an 2.5 /6 cylinder will def drink more than 2.0 /4 cylinder.
hizi gari za leo mambo zao mob ni sensors. enda na challenger.
story nimeskia na nissan my friend you will catch me dead owning one.

Thanks 1776

the wife has a nissan xtrail,zero issues so far (2 years) consumption is similar to 1.8 premio
service is slightly above my toyota (variance ya kama 2k)
if it was a manual i would have hijacked it kitambo

which year?

2008 model
fyi my dad owned a bluebird for like 3 years zero issues also so i wonder when guys complain about nissan cars,as long as you import a clean car,issues should be minimal plus they are less prone to theft unlike toyota


well, you’re story is very different from my two pals’s experiences.
one guy has a murano, another has the teana.
shida after shida after shida. replacing sensors, expensive parts, issues of timing… gearbox.
pengine issues huja na variations.
sitadismiss zoooooote sasa :slight_smile:

You chose a poor sample to represent Nissans. Murano and Teana are rare Nissans to see on the road. Murano’s infamous problems are well documented.

I am currently on xtrail 2009 (petrol) since Sept 2014 initially it was great saa hizi inakunywa like it is in a competition it sensors- had to connect the fan directly from mtitu to mombasa

and they are? saidia plis my chicca fwb is dying for a dualis.

Mi siyui

sawa boss nitamutabia ati hauyui

Turns out original plugs had been stolen had to replace them with genuine ones. Consumption back to normal. I recommend you to have the xtrail