What are NeverTrumpers up to? @T.Vercetti umeona hii? This is what 1984 looks like in 2020…


AOC, a Congresswoman, sworn to represent all Americans wrote this (below). wow


In the society that Orwell postulates, ideology is forced upon its citizens by the Ministry of Truth, and any past history that does not conform with governmental decrees is expunged or altered. Undesirable people and opinions are simply erased from history. Surveillance is carried out on all citizens by the Thought Police through the technology of view-screens, hidden microphones, and undercover agents planted among the common people. Any deviation from approved speech is severely punished. 1984

This is how it starts with “good intentions” but the end result is always tyranny and oppression.

“There was a belief in the revolution and the future, a feeling of having suddenly emerged into an era of equality and freedom.” 1984

we are in the storm. keep calm

The left is usually a brutal dictatorship in a cloak of the elusive equity and equality. All leftist countries are brutal dictatorships where your industrious effort is cut short to the inane contentment or the laziest and the most unambitious in society.
In order for the government to effectively hold on to power, it harnesses the desire of the poor for equality(a myth).
if kenya were a leftist country, nobody would own a car or a house except members of the party and those high in the government. Property would be “sinful”. leftists are intolerant to differing views.

Lemah sema boss … niletee mzinga



Why is he going to Russia?

If you ever wondered how 1930s German citizens got on board with shipping Jews to concentration camps, this is how. “For the good of the collective.”
Especially this AOC has been mentioned many times as the future of the Democratic Party. Some even say she will be President someday.

Why do middleclass people hate equality.
and in Kenya very few people own houses and cars and if it was not for our culture of inheriting ancestral land most of us would be landless



Purple najua jina yako. Nitaiweka kwa hio database ndio wakushughulikie vizuri.

We understand trumpets are on a fear campaign before acceptance

trump supporters are clutching at a straw. mtazoea lakini. Your guy was fireeeeed!!!


I’m really looking forward to 4 years of MAGA tears :smiley: