Hmmm. Now friends, dont go hugging transformers on account of my heading my spit falling in Gikuyu. Am drunk and as is, u will get a dranks worth. Gukaya, as it were, is a Gikuyu word meaning much but strangely reserved for the sound, voices or downright gibberish that a nice yellow yellow utters under the influence of your climbing member. Gukaya for verb
and Mukaire for proverb or clap.

Gukaya is a very vital component and indeed a crucial stimulant or motivator during a climb.( Google the lot…am not the sole administrator of climbing Damn it). The Digo lasses are taught early how to coo and meow to encourage a man to sink his tree deeper and deeper. But am afraid, and this friends has no bearings to my natural and god given cowardice, am afraid the lessons have been watered down by the so called… or kolld…, the so called weatherization of fikra. Holly mother of virgins, am way too drunk to comprehend what am writting. Pardon me. Let me check the heading.

Oh yes. Gukaya. When a willing woman goes all soft on you, …, some go soft and wet to whet your phallus operandi (jeez, that I made up) when she goes all soft and wet… let’s call it sofwet, she must as of necessity rig in the works a healthy and almost natural and musical mukayo. You know, a sing along that makes you feel like a man filling her holy grail. (Here I must use the German uneven verb Gestavo but I have no freaking clue how to. Some other day perhaps. This term will forever remain as the verb that didn’t make it. Know what am saying. Yer. The term that didn’t make it in mukayo)

Now, a good mukayo keeps u going. It doesn’t distract u nor does it derail your line of thought.(did I just say the same thong differently) good lord, am derailed. Drunk and derailed…that’s messed up stuff right there. A good woman knows how and when and at what interval to Kaya…derived from Gukaya katika mnyambuliko wa vitenzi of Mukayo. Forget the modern tirades of ohh fuck me… oh give it to me…ohh sink the cock and scrappy Shieeet. That’s creepy, right? I mean down to earth, honest to god, holds not barred mukayo. The stuff that appeals to your inner man to keep thrusting and pounding. …here I must take breather Kwanzaa i sort out huyu mukai (the one who Kayas…what am I…a teacher. Give me a break.) Its time for a drunk practical… I will let u know her preferred mukaire. Laterz…in other news, I am Morris mabenda4


phallus operandi…he he…you should get drunk more often…

as a scientist i would say you have a small member but since i dont do men like people we know i wont.
in other news are you admitting to be mabenda4?
that would ruin you spiritually

i meant the ustadh.
you just missed the madness in here

Mabenda4 the drunk…always brightening the dark skies…hic…hic…hic

Let me just I was here…or maybe I wasn’t. Could be am the villager that never made it…gestavo style. Sounds hitler-ish

Mollis nime sullender. Hio ndio gukaya

My personal favourite…“Nè haù…ma ne hau mathice”


Morris “Mukaithia” Mabenda4

Hehehe. Mollis Mabenda4

Wewe, where do I come in in these ramblings?

@Mathice HAU…
that’s where you come in. Hehehe ;):wink:

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He he…kuna mwingine alinistua kazi Ni kushinda akiita Mum Mum…Mami!!!

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