By FieldMarshal CouchP
On November 1, 2016, Cord leader Raila Odinga met the then newly sworn in Chief Justice David Maraga at the Supreme Court chambers in Nairobi. It was supposed to be a routine courtesy call but it is what Maraga said – and the manner he and his deputy, Philemona Mwilu, handled themselves – that later came to betray their true colours.

Accompanying Raila to the meeting were Cord co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula. Also in the meeting was Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu and Siaya Senator James Orengo.

During the meeting, in what now analysts say was a warning sign that Jubilee mandarins – and President Kenyatta himself - should have noted with concern, Maraga promised the gathered opposition leaders that any presidential petition they filed in future would be “handled fairly” – double-speak for ‘favourably”.

It was as if the CJ himself - the supposed impartial arbiter - was inviting Raila and his minions to dispute the forthcoming elections.

Pointedly, the CJ also thanked Raila and his brigade for their support earlier during his confirmation hearings in Parliament.

“The Judiciary I lead will be the Judiciary for all. I thank the Opposition for their support in my confirmation hearings and look forward to their continued support,” he said.

Pictures taken through-out the event showed a gushing Maraga looking over-awed by the crocodilian Raila who, a credible judge says, is his political idol. Outside the Supreme Court building Deputy CJ Mwilu on her part was seen cozying up to Kalonzo, a fellow Kamba and Raila’s running mate. The two stood together through-out.

Justice Mwilu, who during her own confirmation was accused by fellow lawyer and current Kandara MP Alice Wahome of “corruption and incompetency” has variously accused her brother judicial workers and judges of sexual harassment. She is said to think she owes her position to Kalonzo and has in the past herself been accused of embarrassing ‘lapses’.

During the nullification of the August 8 presidential poll, it is Maraga and Mwilu, as CJ and deputy CJ, who ganged up with the nondescript Smokin Wanjala and the multiply arrested-for-drunk-driving Isaac Lenaola to cancel the decision of 15 million Kenyans to re-elect President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Incidentally Lenaola, who attended the Alliance High School between 1982 and 1987, is a confidant of fellow Alliance alumni and self-appointed civil society members Njonjo Mue and George Kegoro, who were in the same class as him, as well as the slightly older Maina Kiai and constitutional lawyer Wachira Maina, who were three years ahead.

It is rumoured that when Justice Lenaola, then a judge of the court of appeal was arrested for drunk-driving in 2016, it was George Kegoro who paid his bail at the chambers of the duty judge in Milimani Courts through lawyer Winston Ngaira, a fellow old boy.

Kegoro, Kiai and Mue first tried to block Uhuru’s path to the presidency in 2012, when they filed a case that he was ineligible to run because he did not meet the threshold set out in Chapter 6 of the Constitution on leadership and integrity. Their case was dismissed, and Uhuru ran successfully in 2013.

The same cabal, together with Africog’s Gladwell Otieno – a divorced woman who was disowned by her mother and who’s own son was in 2014 accused of sexually assaulting a four-year old - then run to the Supreme Court to have Uhuru’s 2013 win annulled. That request too was denied by the bench chaired by Justice Mutunga.

The godfather of the Alliance cartel is one David Ndii, a shifty, frothy-mouthed, twitching incoherent who some uncharitably say has a few nuts and bolts loose in his head. Like the Cambridge Five of the 1950s Britain, many in this cabal are said to be homosexual. We cannot independently verify this.

It is this cabal that was instrumental in pulling all stops to have Uhuru’s August election and the will of people of Kenya nullified a few days ago by a delusional and self-serving bench chaired by Maraga.

The latter, a self-avowed fundamentalist Christian who says he cannot work on the Sabbath Day, is a closet megalomaniac who in his own curriculum vitae describes himself in Stalinist purity as having “demonstrated superior legal capability while defending landmark criminal cases” – the judge of this superiority of course being himself.

Throughout his CV, Maraga describes himself in glowing terms, citing like most tyrants do that he is a “transformative leader with proven strategic judicial and organizational value-driven leadership and focus.”

Maraga however inadvertently also confesses that he is often opinionated, short-sighted and quick to anger when confronted, as he forcibly was at the Supreme Court by Senior Counsel Muite, by people he considers inferior.

“I am occasionally provoked to anger by counsel, litigants or witnesses who try to frustrate the court process,” he admits in his own CV in what a former colleague at the Nakuru law courts where Maraga served says is the “understatement of the century”.

“Maraga is a fundamentalist bully, albeit a fairly intelligent one,” the former colleague said. “He is the quintessential pulpit bully who will jail a drunk for six months because his faith tells him drinking is evil, and give a murder suspect the benefit of the doubt the next minute. Like all fundamentalists, he’s a deeply flawed man."

The former colleague pauses and then ominously adds: “If he lived in the Middle East Maraga would have been a leader in Isis. He would be chopping off heads for his god and religion. That’s the man we put to chair the Supreme Court, a person without flexibility and one who thinks he’s doing the will of God. That’s the man we chose, and choices have consequences.”

That chilling anecdote is telling; Maraga the fundamentalist Christian is said to hold a morbid dislike for Uhuru Kenyatta, a free-wheeling, whisky-swilling bon vivant Catholic president. To him, Uhuru is neither a Christian (Catholics are not, they drink alcohol!) nor a God-anointed leader, but a pretender whose head needs to be chopped off -figuratively - for the good of the country.

If the country burns for it, it is the will of God.




Interesting points spun in a very funny way

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The August 8, 2017 ad the 2013 elections were not up to the Constitutional standards.

Ndii - Nyahururu High — Kangaru School — UoN —World Bank— Oxford

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our own @Okiya is an old boy of that ‘school’(which in my opinion should be razed to the ground and the land subdivided into 50*100 buroti maguta maguta)
the chickens are coming home to roost however for the evil society, activist judges and treasonous washed out politicians. on the 18th of October, this country will never be the same again politically.


I knew you would put something concerning the Supreme Court ruling, was just waiting for it. Earlier lone you had prophesied about Lenaola. Good command of English @GUKA


Maraga is a fundamentalist bully…I tend to agree. A gym instructor who used to work at a gym in Karen where he frequented told me the same thing. The guy is unpleasant to be with


Yaani unasema tunge-wank nayo na @Soprano? Isorait, isokei!:D:D:D:D:D

I dare say this is the kind of journalism that you won’t see anywhere.

Coming next are earth-shattering revelations about brothel visits, baby mommas and unexplained wealth.



Everything true and verified. Mimi habana mchezo…



You write very well


Can someone please Gugu those pictures of Maraga looking like a school boy with Raila and the deputy CJ next to Kalooser?

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Guka. I need more of this juicy mucene.

She is said to think she owes her position to Kalonzo and has in the past herself been accused of embarrassing ‘lapses’

Which lapses are these?:D:p

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Read Part II. You will die…


I was in the group of Christians all over Kenya attending endless prayer meetings to ensure a Christian got CJ not that atheist Makau so you have no idea how happy Christians are to have Maraga as CJ we prayed an fasted for him to get that seat and now trust him implicitly to execute seamlessly based on the values of our very fundamentalist faith. Personally Ive never been more comfortable with a CJ . And seeing as 82% of Kenya is Christian am in good company!!!




Highly opinionated informational article. Makes it hard to establish ANY truth.


He was not selected to defend Christianity but enforce the law.


Son, just because you juveniles mmekubaliwa na judge fulani kutombana kama mambuzi jua staki magranchildren mia mbili…