GUKA REVEALS: How the Psychopath of Bondo Hopes to Stop the Elections

Perennial election loser Raila Amolo Odinga, who is now known to be suffering frequent psychotic episodes and urinary incontinence, has threatened that there will be no repeat presidential elections on 26th October.

But how does Raila – an increasingly decrepit, incoherent and abandoned hair-dyeing 72-year old - hope to accomplish this? Today, Guka Reveals can authoritatively confirm that Raila’s plan, like his malevolent and malignant dalliance with the #WakoraNetwork that led to the annulment of the presidential election, involves a complex set of players within the judiciary and the evil society.

Currently there are three well-known ways that Raila, who’s desperate quest for power goes back to an attempted military coup in 1982 that led to his being ‘Burdizzod’ by President Daniel Moi’s secret police, could accomplish this. Jubilee strategists have been burning the midnight oil to counter these three, namely:

One, as the law says that a presidential election MUST be held in all 290 constituencies, all Raila has to do is stop it happening in any one constituency to have the courts declare any election invalid. This strategy can however easily be cured by having a few voters escorted by police to vote in all constituencies.

The second possibility to have a null presidential election considered by Raila’s goons and thuggish followers is to have the chair of the IEBC dsappeared, even for a while, as the law currently says that he is the only one who can declare a president duly elected. This possible mischief – to disappear the chair – will fortunately be cured by the current election amendments.

The third possibility that Nasa strategists have considered is to coerce or more probably corruptly and illegally co-opt – as they did with the presidential petition through the #WakoraNetwork – the Chief Justice and his sexually-generous deputy to refuse to swear in the president-elect. As the law currently stands, only the two have the mandate to conduct that function. This possible mischief will soon be corrected by the amendments to the election law.

It is the sealing of these loopholes, Guka Reveals can confirm, that have led Nasa strategists to develop another more insidious plot to block the elections using Auru Aukot’s petition to be included on the ballot as the entry point.

Basically, the strategy will see Aukot pursue his case to be included on the ballot through the High Court and the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. This long-drawn process will impinge on the printing of the same. In other words, because the IEBC does not know whether the courts will rule whether to include Aukot on the ballot or not, they will not give the order to Al Ghurair to print the ballots until it is too late, when the same cannot be collected and distributed around the country.

It is instructive that the SC court refused to determine this simple matter when Aukot filed the suit there, and that the High Court has not made a determination of such a simple issue less that 3 weeks to the elections.

Using the #WakoraNetwork, including favourable judges including in the Supreme Court, Nasa strategists in effect want to scuttle the elections through logistical bottlenecks, as they wanted to by demanding that the entire technology platform used in August 8 be scrapped. Simply put, no ballot papers, no elections!

Will the #WakoraNetwork succeed in scuttling the elections using the cynical Aukot plot?

Guka Reveals Continues…………………….

RAT is doing everything to avoid his reTirement at the ballot. Well it wouldnt work. He was caught inciting people to his violent riots.

“Hakuna kitu mtapata hapo. Kwa mja**o? Hakuna kitu hapo”

He he he he he! Background commentary is more interesting.

Munaita mtu majina. Uhuru akiitwa mtoto wa umbwa mnalalamika kama watoto. Watu wapuuzi sana. Basi msilalamike pia naye akiitwa majina. Siasa sio chuki. Lakini mkileta chuki nanyi pia muwe tayari kupokea hiyo chuki.

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RAT anataka kuoshwa mecho hana haja na demo:p:D:D

Kenyans have for long been fixated on the powers of the presidency, when the real criminals are in the Judiciary and evil society.

If it is possible to withdraw the case, Jubilee must do everything it must to make it so. Even if it means bribing Ekuru or the judge.

If Raila succeeds in postponing the election, Uhuru must flex his muscles and only leave the presidency in 2022. He must do everything possible, including denying IEBC funds, closing down those evil society etc.
Then in 2022, we’ll see if Kalonzo will agree to be Raila’s deputy.

UOTP TIBIM! Tialala!

Pwegegegegege Guka you can ran a smear campaign, nu uhake mudu doro

Lakini hapo kwa Aukot ndio mtajua hamjui :D:D

janguok leo amesema lasima sisi waandamanaji tusafishwe mecho

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I hope JP won’t be caught unaware with all these.

Morning son. I hear you are moving out?

it’s a high time we started ignoring korti za wakora! it’s idiotic for the court not to expedite such a matter and only pronounce it’s self when it’s too late.

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Na MTU akiitwa mtoto wa mbwa anakimbilia IPOA

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