So Rockstar finally released GTA V for PC. Yours trully siwes nunua game so niko torrents as usual waiting for the crack. Apparently ni ngumu kucrack hii stuff- denuvo nini nini. If you come across a working crack drop it here…will do the same.

36gb repack >>>

changamkia before it is taken down like others (steam & R* releases taken down by DMCA order)

safi buda ukipata crack pia sambaza

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thats a game that i have never sat down and played it always bores me.

ati? loved San Andreas. IV was just there but this one is fire. i guess to each his/ her own. unapenda gani?

gta haitumii denuvo… i prefer mortal kombat x //’]//[/URL]

yes saw that MKX but comments discouraged me…some say inacrash. so im surveying and see kama ni worth

naweza pata Limbo ya PS3? Anyone?

you mean imbo?

No, I mean Limbo, got for PC but nilimaliza kitambo sana

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hio game has never been on my radar…nimesikia leo

ni ka game ka fiti, tafuta ucheki … kwanza ya PC, sio kubwa pia, around 70 MB

safi…nimegoogle nikaona it’s a puzzle game hivi. nitaisample weekend

the ealier one ndio was crash prone

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I am currently at 58.8% of the game GTA V on my PS3. Hio game iko juu tuu sana bana


first person shooter ‘call of duty, battlefield, watchdogs, sniper elite, wolfenstein, ARMA, splinter cell, civilization, company of hero’s.’

assassin creed, dying light, rome, dark souls, immortals, ryse, batman Arkham Origins, revengeance, etc


aha. i see some of my favs apo…COD & Battlefield. Kwa BF4 niliboekea kwa tanks on the way to the airfield…tips? tafuta pia Enemy Front. indie fps. set in ww2. kali sana

eeeh there are versions that have a bug there i had to download afresh a different version.


waaa. thanks lakini sioni niki-idownload+re-install tena. hakuna a simple fix like a small file???niko na too much on my plate sai. ata COD AW sijawai anza. plus wolfenstein. ziko tu kwa hdd…

there is no sing patch to fix the damn thing, read it in a blog that it was corrupted by the creators and one had to download a clean copy to pass that place. i was hopeless as you but for the love of the game i had to.