GShock Watch: where can i buy this in Nairobi?


Kuna listing ilikua na hii mambo klist, Mayekeke na wengine wakacomment about import, sasa klist is no more. Mtu asaidie mimi hapa.

Hizo listings ziwekwe hapa pia, plus zile za AV receivers.

river road :wink:

I do not know about Nbi but if I was in your shoes, I’d opt to buy/import via or

That AV receiver thread was an eye opener

Savostore is the best

If you want good quality watches enda Junction mall kuna some watch shop called diamond watches kitu kama hiyo. They have some quality watches ranging from 15k to 2 million depending na uzito wa mfuko wako. Pia u can bargain. Good customer service na pia kuna warranty.

Yeah. I love the hifi sound especially with movies.

will pay them a visit one of these fine days…lakini watch ya 2M ni kama kutamani amputation ya mkono bila anaesthesia …

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Sidhani kama kuna mtu anaweza notice. Unless wewe ndio uringe

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Daktari i think i will go the savostore way. Thanks bro. Have you purchased an item through them? What was your experience?

I can send to you if you are interested

Kwani uko mayuu kama @uwesmake

It’s 10k

Niko na stock ya Casio Edifice.Bei 8,500 onwards.Wachana na G-Shock

Used them a lot last year, can’t complain. Very prompt service and open communication. Referees several friends and haven’t heard them complain either. You can pay half cost then clear balance as you collect.