Ground imeanza kumsikia Uhuru


MCAs huwa bure kwa kuleta kura.Familia na relatives hata aitambui yeye.

Mnyambo ya @Punda .
Huyo wamaua anarudi home.

Si wahame? Di we give a siett?



jayden really got embarrassed when he called for Jubilee PG in state house 2 weeks ago. Out of the prime 170 members only 22 showed up. This was despite 100000 promise and 50,000 fair sent. Walikula fare and didn’t go. State house yote, harambee house prefects, tuju and muraithe best attempts to force, push, blackmail and threaten then didn’t work. Quorum was small so they moved meeting to a boardroom. That is when jubilee died. jayden decided to take charge of azimio his outfit pet name. tuju is just dealing with depression now. JP died thanks embarrassingly. One week ago muraithe lead a new JP proposal. There is no candidate taking nomination papers. Not even one. So they abolished nomination fees. Still nothing. So they decided to call current leaders and offer then campaign money to stay. 5 million for MCA, 10 million for MP, 15 million for Women rep, 20M for senator and 50 million for governor. Its that’s desperate. They don’t even have one JP campaign poster. tuju had to make some with fictional candidats and put them in Thika at JP expense. Desperate times.

Since that PG at state house. 5 have defected to UDA. The mood in the meeting was very defeating. I don’t expect the rest to sexcept the last 5.

Blah…blah…blah. Hii hadithi yote na bado Sugoi anaenda nyumbani asubuhi na mapema. Save your energy and bundles, na utafute kazi ya article writing online. They would pay you for such content, sio kunyambanyamba hapa upuzi. Siet!

Mugabe will neverbe presidentof Kenya MWNBPORK

This chronic idler can literally eat shit out of Mugabes ass… ni venye ni kibaraka. Jakuon does not even know you son. You are too emotional and always running to peoples postto attak them and abuse them as if Mugabe has promised you dick after every burb. Son Please!!Weve seen many like you.Politics sio ya mama yako.relax
Mugabe will never-be president of Kenya MWNBPORK

Hawaleti kura but wanajua venye ground Iko.

MCA si kitu hapa, ungesema MP hapoo ungeskika but somebody mwenye analinda ward noooo

I am so glad that I touched your nerve…:D:D:D…you can have a heart attack for all I care! Ruto will nva be PORK. Nimeze.