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Man continues to be like satan…and GODS wrath not very far away…hio moto ya Hell is justified
Hii ndio devil worshipping
Caution…sensitive video

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God is the scientist who bred homos. Human beings are made up of 22 genes from extraterrestrial life. Now, from the 22 genes, we must have humans behaving like the 22 extraterrestrial lives. Now, don’t blame this man for such an act. If at all human beings were pure breed, then such characters should sound strange, but the fact tumekuwa crossbreed with a lot of shit aliens, we must just accept such behaviors. We do not know the traits of these 22 extraterrestrial lives that make humanity.

Jaweed…kweli hii reasoning ni ya bhangi… you are high very early in the week

Huyo ni @uwesmake anafikisha kijiji threshold kwa kunyi ya tranny @Demakuvu akitumia ndoshe ya madondo walikula supper kama lube.What a disgusting couple.Normally @TrumanCapote shoots the videos but this time pia yeye alilemewa na uvundo after only 20 seconds banae.

Elder Opening the video once was enough, you don’t have to vividly tell us what you do with your rainbow friends.

Says the Elder who uses farts in the car to raise the volume

You have achieved nirvana.



Huyo ni barren post wall sheboon @TrumanCapote

Violence ya fish mongers na panel beaters me sitaweza.

Haina noma Elder.Ambia @TrumanCapote akupe kinembe yake ucheze nayo bano.

Going by the reactions, I am definitely not watching that video. Bye!!!

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@Matapiko kuja uoshe macho

@administrator We all agree that a Siberia trip is due.

Thanks for watching