As received … Avoid grogon area, clashes have erupted there and it’s sort of political. A NASA supporter who is a mechanic has killed another who is a jubilee supporter by stabbing him on the neck due to an argument they had on the political happenings.

Saa hii UhuRuto wako kwa raha zao. Babuon pia ako kwa raha yake. Nyinyi wajinga pigana tu. Mimi pia nakula raha kabisa.


Mbisha ni muhimu.

These polticians should slash their salaries and allowance by a fifth so that it can reduce the vicious affinity for this job to a point of costing lives.

Let an MCA earn 50,000 and mps 140,000. Only people who want to serve will take this positions . But you make mps earn millions, what do you expect ?


The same politicians decide their pay. If at all the govt or opposition had their minds set on a better Kenya, that would have been the first legislation passed by parliament with all in favor.

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You can pay them even 10k but cdf nani atamanage?


Kenyans never learn…

Ingekua before erections tungelilia hio kura moja ya Muthamaki. Lakini sahii it means shit.


Spoken like a true politician. Anyways if one is wiling to die for their political affiliation they must be really daft.


They make money from kick backs and tenderprenuership. I’m sure most of them don’t live on their salaries.

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Mhiniwa sasa atakula vya ngumu.

Kazi ya voter iliisha

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Wakenya ni maskini hawajui raha and those politicians rarely bring hope to the people

mimi pia niko holiday hapa malindi, budhas fashion lounge mm nakula musiki pole pole…twaganeni tu!

Very sad! This is going to be a tough one to solve. I foresee a lot of bloodshed between the groups from now onwards. It will be a cause of vengeance and vanity. The end of Jua kali in Grogon, just because of irrelevant politics!