Grisly accident along Nakuru - Nairobi highway

Grisly Accident at Naivasha just past Malewa River …


weuh…mbaya sana…imeangusha wangapi?

We need Rescue Services on all highways, plenty of people pass on because they are not pulled off from wreckages by professionals and do not receive medical care promptly, Governor Gakuru for instance reportedly was stuck in the wrecked benz for more than 45minutes in a spot that is less than 30kms from a level 4 hospital, perhaps he could have survived if he had been liberated faster.

Huyo wa kiti ya mbele kwa cabin hakuwa amevaa belt. Ni kama ata hangeguzwa sana since all the impact is on the driver’s side.

Seat belts muhimu

PSV licenses need a thorough and a difficult test before being issued to these reckless drivers. One should be alcohol/drug free for at least 2yrs, no traffic offence committed in the last 5yrs and so on and so forth and when a PSV driver is caught in a traffic offence that PSV licence should be suspended for life.

I doubt if you are likely to survive much when a guard rail has gone right through you and torn your innards to shreds.

Looks like the one on the ground, his leg looks severed, probably bled to death and would still have suffered the same fate even with a safety belt secured koz the limbs are in the crashzone

Kenyan driving schools are a big joke.

hakutakua na PSV drivers in 254. Hio ni ngumu sana

they still get back on the road, (hii ni kenya)
and then some shupid bonobas in another group are blaming the “Box” as the Ma3 is known in kenya

This is a country in which 50 people can die in a single road accident and nothing happens at the ministry of transport, traffic police, and NTSA. They go on with their lives as usual. In fact, some potential victims like @Ken_Sarro will viciously defend the NTSA and put all blame on the actual victims. So hiyo yako ni ndoto.

God have mercy !


why pick on my fren peke yake, we are all potential victims. the madness on kenyan rds is at an insane level. guess what will happen
Meffi NTSA will call NNUS sacco ambao wataenda na bahasha kubwa kwa hio mkutano, alafu waambiwe to hold a Driver awareness meeting case closed till the next accident

Hakuna ngory images hapo…

Nowadays it isn’t enough just being a competent driver, you have to be a defensive driver. You have to assume that there’s a mad man/woman behind the wheel of every vehicle coming at you. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, driving in every direction like gas atoms in motion. Lastly, it’s f**kin time sirkal itengeneze dual carriage from Kilindini harbour to Malaba border

shit, but the way these “boxes” are driven, you find one overtaking you yet you are driving at 100kph, and they are supposed to have a speed governor

rammed a school bus head-on.

Anyone who boards Likana,NNUS,LIRA,Satima na zingine mingi za kwenda North Rift should always be ready for this

Meffi thinking as usual

I used to look at learner lorry drivers wamepangana nyuma ya driving school lorry waiting for their turn to take a spin on the wheel and their faces showed it all. Sio illiteracy, poverty etc but one way or the other all would get their BCE driving licences.