greatest mind

I am one of the few great mind to have ever graced this earth,in my league are the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Picasso, Socrates, Fleming etc

Enda uinvent kitu badala ya kutafuta threads ya jinsi mtu anafaa kudinya mboch

I thought you were an extraterrestrial ‘human’… :D:D:D:D:D:D

I am I’m the process of inventing an auto online brain refiller and my online specimen will be @Chief,

You thought you were the first to discover you can sell meat in Dago? Meffi!

I said my brains

Greatest Minds

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my invention will be a breakthrough to the likes of you who suffer silently

First re-invent your brains to stop raping goats.

can at least give me an illustration of how a goat can be raped,my great mind can’t fathom how it done,only empty skull like you can visualize it

your point??

you can’t understand it, we’re not in the same brain waves,

sawa O’Brien. last I checked they said debe tupu kelele mingi

I am just letting off some steam before I embark on the next awesome project

@Wakahomo unasumbua[ATTACH=full]124240[/ATTACH]

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@kalel I thought I told you to get that A- of '94?
Anyway @King popeye please make a cameo appearance here and help this fellow.

This aint got nothing on me. I am globally accepted

I hope your are doing something that can help @chief,I can recommend online tutorials

Huyu jamaa apewe arimis inakaa stick imeisha na doh pia. PNC will make him come back to reality ati yeye ni ochunglu Kathigiriri