Greatest femaLe MCs of all times

mc lyte

raH DigaH

bout F*#@Kin Big Fat dyks n smokin wEEd

foxxy brown,Missy Elliott, queen pen,Lil kim

hii ni throw back kweli

da brat mambo yote

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the reason i have 10,000 watts in the crib and 500watts kwa ndae…those beats manze…so so def mambo mbaya

Foxxy Brown was killer. That woman could flow like no ones business. My favourites:

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Queen Latifah mama yao

McLyte and eve… Hao wengine apana tambua

Kama ni ‘female MC’s’ pekee yake, McLyte. Eve has a few good verses here and there. However, mama yao, regardless of appearance na upuzi, ni Nicki Minaj. She can rap circles around all these ladies. And most male MC’s too.

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Missy Elliot, MC Lyte and Lil Kim.


are you serious???rudi ocha boss


Nicki Minaj cannot even dust MC Lyte’s or Missy Elliot’s shoes.


Nicki Minaj is a very good rapper who has many bad songs coz she has to sell records to the pop crowd.
Ebu angalia ‘Lookin’ ass nigga’ yake. Evocative of Lil Kim but better rhymes, better lines, better flow and delivery.

Certified troll!

Hehehehe. If I was trolling ningesema Iggy Azelea.

Ai boss? Afadhali Rhapsody

Rhapsody nimemskia tu kwa Complexion ya Kendrick and that verse was superb.

Nicki is all flash and little substance. She is a pop artist not a rapper and definitely not a female MC. Her competition is Azalea and the rest I know nothing about.