Great Take on Trump By Our Very Own Trevor Noah!

Nothing to add…a really good take and summary of Trump. Comedic but absolutely true. I have been trying to explain to some of our white friends that Africans understood Trump five years ago and we could see where he was headed…which is nowhere good. Now, they are asking how we knew and here is their answer…been there, seen that!






Waluhya si mmefurahi. One would think Biden was from Mumias.

Ati our very own Trevor Noah. Stupid bonobo unadhani kila mweusi ni cousin yako vile nyote muko na melanin? Get a grip nigger

Trevor is such a tool. He must be utterly and hopelessly brain dead coz I don’t understand how else someone can be so happy to do the bidding for evil, tyrannical globalists. He’s just happy living in the Matrix, sad. His talk shows feel forced, insincere, and pre-programmed with PC jargonese.

VIVA TRUMP! No matter what they did to you, all the lies they told about you, you remain the best POTUS America has ever had.

Nice try! Haha…now I am boxed into a tribal enclave. Sawa tu!
At least you are not an hypocrite like those leaving the sinking cult ship with the excuse that they are trying to beat the traffic!
Kaa ngumu.
You did not know Obama is a luo and Biden a omuluyia? Surely if you can believe Trump alternative universe this should not be that hard to believe…

I understand they told him that he is being readied for future presidency in S A. I posted that many months back.

Sasa umekasiriiika…don’t pop a vein!
Your god: permanently suspended from his megaphones facebook, tweeter, snapchat, twitch, instagram etc.
Let me know if you need something to calm you down…maybe a pacifier so you can stop throwing tantrums…
Cut your crap and grow up…learn how to present your arguments in a mature manner like Purple. I may not agree with her but she doesn’t go personal on everything.

I read hopelessness. Losing is part of life!

Not for these self righteous bible-thumping types.