Great Leadership - The Great Militiades Opinion

Im for cursus honorum , or a ladder of offices , aspiring politicians who have made a name for integrity and judgment should rise to the highest offices [ achieved by direct election ] Such a system makes very able and intrepid leaders, the discipline of obedience develops the capacity to lead.
This will discourage upstarts and demagogues like konyagi and co. business men should stay in their lane.

Kelele ya chura … tu.

Metilda inasumbua

But the cursus honorum was designed for members of the senatorial rank in Roman society. In short, only rich well connected kids like Konyagi could even get into it. For context someone like Ruto who would have been considered a novus homo would never have a chance at rising to the top unless the Emperor promoted him. In theory such a system sounds good but in reality it’s still controlled by the ruling elite. Meritocracy isn’t really a requirement.