Grand mullah Nairobi Governor


Nairobi mkipatia wariah you might as well forget about it…

I think pesa makes some people really arrogant and ignorant.
This guy thinking he can lead Nairobi is a perfect example.

Meffi chieth

Fuk the sleazebag

Pesa za ukora…

We don’t need another crook

With who can he swear with, that he’ll be alive by then. Kumbaff yeye

Arrogant crook.

I agree with this 100%. Cum-plete de tekova !

Do not forget how our brothers have behaved with the little space they had, you all remember that woman mp with picture and flag, are you ready for the same in the office of Governor 047?

I once noticed and created a thread on how much Raila supporters cost him the presidency just by the way they talk, , Somalis have dug the same deep hole, am sure many Kenyans will not allow.

Heri chokosh sonkoree kuliko hii gaidi. Sonko ulikuwa ukikosea anajiita matako takataka. Huyo akiwa gafana ukicross path atakuwa anakutupia guruneti.

Focus on the individual not community, does he have the skill set to be an effective governor?

my thoughts:
He is a fine lawyer and adopts an in your face take no prisoner win at all costs style akin to a refined Miguna. He would fail in the aspects of political strategy, governance and building consensus (would he be able to work with largely semi literate capricious MCAs?)

A governor should also be a person with a good track record in political office.

Pia kuna mwingine socialite anadai io kiti…

City hall will be moved to Eastleigh first avenue. BRT lane za miraa all the way to Wilson Somalia bound… Henyway hatuwezi weka wariah hapo, na chief of bribes at that perverting the course of justice, it was strange enough that the commissioner of police and at some point the chief of general staff KDF were somalis, as if jareer huko wangepewa such opportunities.

Bro, wewe haujui wasomali… do your homework on how they think/operate and come back…

Waria mzuri Ni ule amekufa!

So apparently none of you read that post. He was clarifying that the picture and him running for governor is fake.

You guys are never consistent mara you hate Raila and love Luos mara you hate Luos and love Raila. Anyway I think you hate both and cant say it because you like pretending

No words are intended for love or hate but to point out the exact thing.

How you talk has political implications,if you are building Raila tell him how loud mouthed Sifuna talks costs him,how supporters threaten landlords costs him…just like how Somalis want to occupy serious positions but not be patriots,irredentist activities,even God says either be cold or hot, nothing in between.