GR5 2017

Wakubwa, saidieni hapa. Current peasant cum future birrionare anataka kununua haka kasimu. Lakini nimeona difference in prices nikashangaa. Hizo za phone place na phone store Kenya ni fake ama ?? Their prices compared to the Safaricom’S price is way too much. A whooping 11K. [ATTACH=full]115221[/ATTACH]

FYI this phone has a very weak vibration motor. If you don’t use a ringtone you will miss a lot of calls.

Thanks for that head up. What are its other downsides ?

It is advertised as full metallic body which is a lie. Only the back cover is metallic. The top and bottom strips are painted plastic so don’t drop it.
Also the metal around the volume rockers bends easily. Mine bent within the first month. It’s not a big issue though.

Otherwise quite good phone. Calls very clear and relatively fast.

It would be an even better phone if it ran stock Android. The Huawei modifications eg the notification panel, Huawei keyboard and UI are not that good.

Thanks for the insight. Where did you source yours from ?? Safcom shop ama ??

From Safcom. At the time it was 28k while other vendors sold it at 22-24k.
As far as I know the other vendors also had original products. It might have been grey market stuff.

I would advise you to find the best deal from a respectable outlet. If you can physically go there then do so. You can verify the IMEI with Huawei before buying. The IMEI is printed on the outside of the box so you wont have to break the warranty seal.

Picture clarification on bending metal. A bit dark I know I hope you can see the bent part.

Ashana na huawei go for Naomi instead

Thanks all for the info.

go for xiaomi redmi note 4

You can also check the Honor 8 lite or Moto G5 plus.