gps driving app

looking for gps driving app with voice…to be used in nairobi

Google maps has a voice feature

just use google maps on your phone, switch on location, click driving icon, set your destination and voila, you got accurate road and voice directions to your wherever.

Use Waze! Its far superior!

Get a Garmin Nuvi I know you have some money to spend.You better spend it with a Nuvi.

Hio ni app???

How is Waze superior to Google maps?

… I know you have money to spend is the key
part of my statement that you are ignoring.

First its owned by google.
Second you can chat up other drivers you find on the app…you can report speed guns and warn other drivers on the app…as well as road blocks…you can also send out an SoS to other drivers in case you need assistance…and many more i cannot remember

Its a paid app??

Garmin Nuvi is a device Sir not an app.

how much…

Niliogopa Google maps when it led me to a swamp .
Garmin Nuvi with updated maps is very reliable .I used one when I was transversing the country for some installations at almost 60 technical institutes around the country.

Locally uta kamuliwa 20k plus.Otherwise eBay + @Kentex will get you one for a fraction .

Donr they get their maps from google?

No , I think they are openstreet map or Here maps.

Here maps are shit in kenya!

Just google Garming products. Sometime back they were very rare to find locally. Its the best option for long term use.