Governor Joho to downgrade to MP in 2022

After months of political speculations, Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho has declared he could vie for one of the six parliamentary seats in the county in 2022.

After Msambweni bi-elections where the imaginary local kingpin called Joho was destroyed by Ruto who did not even go there once, choices had to be made.
Joho had been telling Kenyans how he will be presidential candidate in 2022.

Coastarian bonobos will still vote for him after 10 years of governorship doing completely nothing.

Bonobo Joho has finally realised he is a nobody in Kenyan politics. He was after all just one of those numerous Raila cows.

Perhaps he already senses the defeat of the BBI chieth initiative, which he hoped would give him a position in the expanded executive. His announcement for MP thus, preemptively gives him political survival in a reality devoid of BBI positions.

And you know kuiba pesa ya county funds itajulikana after he leaves office. He does not want to be ordinary mwananchi with those cases coming after him.

He wants to be a minister

Tuseme ni immunity anatafuta

He must look for a way to stay safe.

Oh yes. MPigs will always defend each other ndio Babu Owino is not in jail for what he did.

I fear you are more than likely to be right. But I hope you are wrong.

Minister where? Cabinet secretaries are not chosen from MPs.

Moha should be very wary, he will target that constituency.

The victim forgave him…

After BBI they will

That was not a civil offense, that was a criminal offence. It is the Republic of Kenya vs Paul Ongili Owino.

This doesn’t work here unless you don’t fall the line of the sitting government

i found out ODM is not democratic in the primaries the party ticket is sold to the highest bidder who is unpopular or ojingas relative this has made the party unpopular and they keep on losing in their former strongholds

Most Governors who’s their term is ending are at crossroads, they can’t imagine life without tapping into taxpayers money

In the spirit of BBI the AG will enter a nole prosequi on that case…

Na Walukhe pia