Government uses 500000 for this

You have probably seen those
huge speakers mounted during
national public functions but
what many don’t know is that
they are hired.
Apparently, since independence,
the Government has never
bought a public address system
thanks to corruption among the
officials who plan public events.
Case in example is the recent
Mashujaa Day where the
Government spent a whooping
Ksh 500,000 to hire a public
adress system. Sources indicates
that money meant to plan events
always goes into the pockets of
individuals in the budget
committe. Their sole mission is
to enrich themselves at the
expense of tax-payers.
One just wonders why the
Government can’t just buy its
own speakers instead of spending
a whooping Ksh 500,000 every
national event to hire a public
address system.

creating employment.

hakuna kitu kama creating employment hapa…its a waste truth be told