Government Parastatal

Which is the some best paying kenya govt parastata? And how can i join there.some nuggets of wisdom . What are some strategies. Nataka kuswtich from private sector niende nitulie kwa govt polepole.

kimbizana na kutafta pesa sio mshahara.


kenya ports authourity…acquire a gun

Any parastatal ending with ‘authority’

Kuna 3 classes of parastatals: A, B and C.

These classification determine funding and by extension, salaries.

Parastatals which generate their own income pay better than those that don’t. Loosely

Enda Kengen

Ingia kemri nikufunze kua birrionaire kuna a new scandal brewing…

Tutauza maji kama vaccine ama namna gani

any links za kuingiza mtu after greasing hands vizuri huko

Uko na links za hapo tuongee vizuri… Na form

Kuna hizo implants za arvs kuna watu watakula mbillions and i mean billions

Yaani you guys are already aware zimefika? okay

Apana but a mere driver earns like a graduate

Whatever you are trying to paint the government and the civil service to be si hivyo. Please, find work elsewhere. Find it in the deepest pit latrine. Your view of civil servants is disgraceful and demeaning

Gava utakula mpaka ya jirani

We know what ills the sector tunajua wale wanakula na vile kunaenda yet the govt says they dont have money to pay docs. Hizo implants ziko trial huko kericho

Ukiingia gava, there are only two items you need to buy during your orientation period…

Tuliza kende ulipo SAA hii. Govt employees will soon be facing retrenchment to downsize the working force in order to trim the wage bill. Not forgetting an increase in tax on revenue

If you have no Godfather, Apply PSC jobs targeting specific Ministries, immediately you are in, its easy to be deployed in any of the Parastaal that are under that Ministry Provided you link up with the “Bright minds” and be ready to represent some big boys interest.

My friend is in his second Year in Govt, Salary is 50K (Net) ,You know what January yote amekuwa Per diem for 20 days rate is 8400 per day (168,000k Untaxable) how many Ktalk billionares earn that amount for doing nothing (Since you are being paid to do what you have been employed to be doing )

He tells me to continue chasing career and skills, yeye he is busy making money, He challenged me to convert all those equations and knowledge to money/Cash, Still thinking about it, however he has been referring clients to me basi sina wasiwasi.

That makes Govt the best employer