Government administration coming for investors

it’s not enough to day crypto nowadays doesn’t pay much… The govt will be collecting a share too…

Kenyans are speculative in investing, wakisikia kuna pesa kwa shonde ya punda watanunua wajaze kwa gunia… Just like crypto… people just rushed in kama quail farming fiasco…kuna mtu alikuwa ananiambia during the bull run vile anagoja his 0.000018 btc to triple.:smiley: saa hii with all the blood in the crypto streets sijui hio account yake iko rekt to oblivion… and now here comes the bastard government thinking they will kamua… Ati you pay 20% on returns watangoja zaidi.

Gover shenzi ina kuja saa zile watu crypto washa sota ! haipati chochote !

umeffffff wa IMF and world bank, wouldn’t want bonobos realizing there are alternatives to their dollar control.

Lol, In a country where mtu ana own mijengo kadhaa and yet ana file nil tax returns, I’d like to see how the are going to enforce that in a decentalized marken.

Tricky sana

I think the guy who brought up the bill was having drinks somewhere, akaambiwa, “buda unajua kuna pesa mingi crypto? Tax hio kitu mupate pesa ya gava!”

The government of Kenya will never enforce tax collection on house rent despite it having all the data on title dees and and land rates because politicians and deep state are the owners. It is easier for KRA to go after Keroche.