Gov. Rutto in Eldoret..."uhuruto wamekula nyama na ugali"

This Jamaa can talk bwana…

You believe him?

Why not all the things he has said have merit from the struggles of UG farmers with Maize and milk sales , AFC loans , lack of support to Maize farmers ,blue gum trees all resonate with the common mwananchi

I pity you

Why so…sihitaji

Unga is back on the shelves tafuteni propaganda ingine.

After months of artificial scarcity to enable uhuruto import and make billions…local farmers in UG can still not sell to the NCPB

6B ya maize subsidy imeanza kufanya kazi… There are guys making loads of money hii Kenya

Breaking just now.
Joshua bandia makes more rigging claims against The IEBC, Jubilee and the military.
He says the military will use jamming devices to block his parallel tallying plans.
For evidence, he says he’s using true caller to identify the military men.
This man is batshit crazy and obviously knows he’s losing. He’s just laying the ground work to claim he didn’t lose fairly.


Thieves : NASA Hao

Masweep muoto muoto

I enjoy listening to Governor Ruto, a really gifted speaker.

gifted but no substance

Canaan twasija ,Joshua tano fresh.

Kabet kako ka Kamwana kameanza kunywa maji… :slight_smile:


sasa mbona baba analia jameni…

Believe is not a word you use in a campaign season

Lakini Laptop si ni ukweli

I’ve tried letting this blonde comment ipite lakini imekua ngumu. Ati local farmers in UG county cannot sell to NCPB? You want them to sell maize stalks that have just started flowering to cereals board? You’ve overexposed ujinga hapa. Stick to omena and ngege you blonde

i had wanted to point out that there has been no maize to sell but i realized it was going to be waste of effort.