GOTV and DSTV Cracking

Is it possible to crack this decoders! An using gtv and am so fed up with them! You pay and they don’t activate the decoder! There Customer care numbers don’t work. They just like safcom! Anyway to crack them ?

the thieves are making more money from the premium sms service customers use to clear fictitious E16 errors that never works than they are from subscriptions…their days are numbered…


si you can clear E16 on their website. the self-service function works fine

have you noticed that these days when you pay, say, by mpesa you almost always have to follow up the payment for a manual clearance?

Si uhame unangojea firimbi? Ama ongea na @Luther12

nina mpango

I have an Obama-Homecoming offer this week. Scantech at 3200 in Nairobi.

I paid via Mpesa. Tried to clear the e16 error with all methods but failed. Had to go to there Westlands office for them to unlock it. This is after 4 days of watching nothing!

Yes. Then they don’t have enough customer care guys. So you have to wait in line to the customer is happy! Assume 10 guys are ahead each taking 20 min minimum! :mad::mad::mad:

Hakuna anyone who knows how to crack them? I had that some guy has been watching for some years on dstv for free

They are very fast to act on complaints posted on Twitter or Facebook since there are many users there who don’t spare them. Use either those forums and you will be sorted in a matter of hours.

worst case if u pay en mistake for another one’s account. Ur doomed coz everymonth utakua unadaiwa pesa ya 2accounts en they have the courtesy, to say thank you kwa account bonoko. En reminders mob, Shiet am going FTA

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Looking for a good FTA or to crack my GOTV

hayo yanaitwa mabembelezano (sp) (who has time for that shit anyway?). These fellows sat on their fat asses too long they didn’t realise it was getting thin. they better go looking for their customers and come to an understanding with them or forget them…

As in seriously? Who can do that? Even my cucu back in the village can’t agree to pay for what isn’t hers.

you can try this shit

Hata mimi nahama since post ya akina @Luther12 na @Meria Mata ya jana ilitueleze FTA ni nini kinagaubaga. Over a hundred k a year sio macheso.

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If you are using dstv that means uko na dish na all the cabling, ni FTA decoder tu utanunua then you take your dish for a merry-go-round & you are sorted…

For fringe satellites, it’s recommended to take a look at the cable quality (recommended RG-6 and above) as well as the LNB.

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at least I give startimes credit on their customer care. you pay via mpesa and pap! you get your bouquet. decoder problem and a technician calls back comes over and before leaves he feels out a work ticket and gives you a customer feedback form about his performance.