GOT: The Dragon and The Wolf

this is where it all ends hope kuna Sn8 :mad:

The wall has been breached.the epicboatsex has also happened.season 8 itakuwa moto

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season 8 will be the game of thrones saga only with 6 episodes

Series haifai kuwa na happy ending !

hii ni grrrrrrrrr ending

Monday morning. Hata breakfast bado.
And grown ass men ama wacha tu…

Try SoA,breaking bad,sopranos etc

Morning too each to his own

Who hase the link to episode 7 asaidie?

1080p wooo!!! too bad till evening ndo ni watch blaze mode


You cannot understand this world my dear.
Monday’s are sacred to us.
Valar Dohaeris.



I loved breaking bad’s ending.

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Waah hi episode manze…

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I think GOT should just go on and on till fans say they cant watch anymore… hii mataa imezidi stima


Never watched a single episode of GOT-and proud of it. But is it as good as they say ama ni hype?

its definately worth it, tafuta kablunt mzuri na uanze season one.