GOT S08E01 My thoughts

The show has lost it’s lustre of late. The episode was underwhelming. It just doesn’t have the epic feel of earlier seasons, maybe because of trying to jampack so much of the storyline in a few episodes. No more spell binding conversations or well worked intricate scenes. And Daenerys still can’t act if her life depended on it.

Tumewatch but we didn’t spoil it for others! That’s exactly what you doin!

Do you want a lollipop?

Sa unataka hug ama?

Ain’t no homo but if it will make you not commit suicide why not!

Just because you’d commit suicide over a stupid comment on an anonymous forum doesn’t mean everyone would do it. Some of us are not mentally retarded pal

STFU biatsh! hawa ni wale watu huongea kati kati ya movie.

Who is retarded? You think a forum of 30k No one watched got so8eo1? Ndo ukuje hapa na spoilers zako? Gtfoh! We watched on Sunday night and kept quiet so as not to spoil for others! Hata ungedownload na 1kbps ungewatch Wednesday sio kukuja hapa na half baked bulcrap of opinion meff

I wish you dream Daenerys taking a long stinky runny dump in your mouth as your body is paralyzed for releasing this spoiler

The problem with being mentally retarded is not knowing what a spoiler is. But the big question is, utado? Khaseer, toa umama hapa

After JOHN SNOW died and was resurrected …I paused the damn thing and vowed to never watch GOT again ! …yaani , JOHN SNOW of all people …NKT ! from that point that show declined in quality … It was good while it lasted !

In a land of white walkers, dragons and Frankenstein monsters it is not that surprising…but still a little bit too far fetched.

nisaidieni wrink ya ku download

Tumeona ya jana haya kuja hapa next week na supposed criticism meff