Gospel of Nakedness

I usually don’t criticize servants of God or my Gospel but this is wrong.

a Church in Soshanguve Ext 13 is now coming with the Gospel of Nakedness in the Church and claims that the annointing was too much, What happened to ushering…it is embarasing to see pastors now instead of laying their hands they are laying their boots…this behaviour must be condemed…as much as i respect the power of God i blv Ushers and Pastors must protect me from any harm or embarasment i may cause to my self while deliverance is taking pl[ATTACH=full]5945[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5946[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5947[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5948[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5949[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5950[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5952[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5953[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5954[/ATTACH] ace. please Servants of God respect the people that God is using you to save and Deliver

The gospel of deception…why is none of them wearing thongs?

religion is more complicated than submarine science

They always have to be women, why now?

The bible says that "many will come in my name n tesfify but i will not have sent them. They will mislead many. Christ asks us to watch out 4 false prophets. Many are misled because they do not read the word of God. The word of God introduces you to him n u get to know him. Where n when a fake pastor is involved, you will be in a position to discern coz of walking in God’s revelation which is in his word. Am born again but i dont need any pastor to pray for me coz i only need to declare that am healed n i get healed!! People do not know God n they don’t want to know him. You can only know him through intimacy with him n thats by taking time to read his word which develops our faith. If we all do that, no pastor can succeed in misleading us! God bless!



Hii upuuus mimi siyuko ndani

its a big shame what people are doing in the name of religion, i do not think it would be too far fetched to advocate for a total ban on none indigenous religions

Even the pastor looks like a thug, you only need eyes to tell he is a false prophet

In kenya people steal in the name of everything. From birds(quail saga) to even the president (irungu thatiah’s hard tackle)

The church discovered they were losing too many potential clients to strip clubs and decided to fight back :p:p:p…

What next? Anointed sex sessions maybe??


shiit like this is what turned me into an atheist

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…and you wonder why mzungu colonized us for so many years.

Other aspect of it is using the bible to console ourselves. That book is one of the few that ties every right with a responsibility…God’s wants everyone to be wealthy, have a beautiful wife, and good kids but for you to have these you must learn to love, forgive, be hospitable, be respectful and have no emotional attachment to material things for all good and bad are his…this we don’t want to hear…we want to be told if you give 10bob you’ll receive 1million…the people preaching this are money hungry and the ones being preached to are the ‘microwave generation’…sasa unaona ka shida mahali kako…???

Isn’t this the same church where worshippers were made to eat grass last year?

this is fuccked up shiit, but i envy the pastor, am sure he DFHKMBHBLNKN the female flock

and rocket science combined

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What beats is mwanaume mzima being caught in such a thing, hata kama ni kulipwa.