GORY AND GRAPHIC!!! How many bullets does thing carry?

Lunatics in Brazil. That firearm appears to have an elongated magazine. Kwani ni wanalipwa by the bullet? Kinda difficult to properly see. Just count the number of rounds fired… I suspect the victimhttps://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/brazil-execution-181814/ probably didn’t fare on well thereafter…

jama amepepetwa mpaka zip ties zikafunguka

Hahahaha…Hao watu siyo mchezo…lakini umeona hizo shot zote woooww…maybe wanalipwa per bullet!
Kama ni deni lipa…at least 35 bullets!

Brazil cops and criminals are on another level… Gives zero fcuks about law and order.

Ohh heh it seems the only people they can look up to are their good ol’ friends, those straight up maniacs in Mexico!


A mix of illiteracy, poverty, idiocy. these South American gangs are heavily involved in ritualistic, satanic sacrifices. and the same also for many brutal gangs in S.A.

The Brazilian MS 13 gang members have been known to sacrifice girls in shrines. By watching these videos you don’t know what you’re witnessing.
Brazil especially is heavy into voodoo worship. Most of these south American countries are into old African nganga worship due to slavery which calls for these kind of brutal killings. there used to be a Mexican cartel leader called Adolfo constanzo who used to be a straight up satanist witchdoctor.

:eek::smiley: heri kuishi kayole

On top of voodoo worship most south Americans are descendants of ultra violent Indian MesoAmerican tribes such as the Aztecs who were straight up satanists who practiced human sacrifice. Very violent peoples.
Today the cartels e.g. the sinaloa cartel worship santa muerte or holy death. she was symbolized quite well by the two brothers who were assassins in Breaking Bad where they crawl on their stomachs towards her shrine to ask for her help in killing heisenberg.so extreme brutality is a mainstay of south American ritualistic practices.