Who believes google operates a scam and lies when it tells website owners not to buy links and to produce content? I DO

I don’t. you need to produce good content that people will link to. I know this is hard but it’s worth it in the long run.

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If you study google well you can easily game the system.shida ni ukipatwa, they will ban you and eemove your sute from the index.a very high cost to pay, believe me operating is impossible.

As long as you make money why should you listen to their SEO guidelines like are full of shit. My sites are ranking and making money all by buying links.

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Nothing hurts like getting banned from adsense ukishanake like 40k hivi na hujazitoa

o.O i do

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@Deorro google adsense hukuwa na hiyo ujinga sana.It’s a strategy they like using, somebody leaked it

Waah kumbe that’s how nilichujwa?

But people producing content and buying shitty links have been making money for years now.

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I agree with you. You can game the system buy buying links in a clever manner. I havent found authority people who will link to you for free. I have studied websites that have been running the show for years. Except for amazon, facebook and the like that have made a name that google wouldnt dare to downgrade, some other big people buy links and do alot of nothing else. They have been ruling their niche for years. Again. What content do paypal, facebook, twitter, amazon have. they all look like charlatans. The only site that gets what it deserves in terms of content is wikipedia; no one beats that.

Yah man. I think google has a weakness of being unable to identify purchased links and can only result to threats. Where do you buy yours if you can say that publicly?

Blackhatworld, there are a few gems hidden in the mountain of shítty sellers