GOogle voice
I always saw this option on my phone but I’ve never used it till yesterday, I think its a breach of privacy (which I know we dont have) the app can light your flashlight, make calls, text, open all your apps including emails, all you have to do is say the command, the only feature left behind is helping people burst a nut. Also am pretty sure some of our voices will be used for voice recognition and data analysis somewhere…

Inaitwa Google assistant

Google now na Google assistant huwa different, probably he is talking about Google now

@mozilla if you dont like an app then uninstall it, that’s the beauty of android

It’s google assistant he’s talking about
(can google now turn on the flashlight? )
Google now ni ya cards na news

try and turn on flashlight via Google now if it won’t work.
google now was in existence way before google assistant which was introduced last year via allo and all those voice commands used to and still work with it

On request it can also play a particular song from spotify
Mimi hutumia Google assistant to keep up with Trump and Putin since it reads me a brief summary of international news


Are you using an Android device as your daily driver ama wewe ni mtu iOS ?
Because both (Google now and Assistant)
Are launched from the same home key
Google now ni hiyo "what’s on my screen ? " where it can show relevant results based on what you are viewing.
On the other hand Assistant ni equivalent ya Siri you can ask it questions and hold conversations(follow up questions ) with it

Nimeshika what you’re trying to say though

It has been around since the days of Symbian bwana.

Google Voice Search has been there since forever. And it is not Google Assistant. The Assistant uses the same voice recognition as all other G products (Search, Keyboard, Allo, etc)

You can manage your Google voice stuff hapa kama unaogopa Google saving your voice →

Buda my phone runs android 7.1.2 and this is Google assistant on it


Google assistant was first released last year in the Allo app, later it was officially released with the Pixel phones and officially made its way to other phones this year. Most of those commands were possible using the Google now app which has been in existence since Kitkat days.
Now on Tap home button is what the Google assistant now launches from.
Asking me if I use android as my daily driver, I know android way than you can imagine including it’s history too.

I love the almost Human experience[ATTACH=full]100487[/ATTACH]

looks cool

How can i upgrade my marshmallow to android 7?

phone make n modell


I think it works with android 6 or something…idk…

Haha hio unaaccess aje?

Obsolete! I can’t keep up with Android and am cool with that. Stuck at 5.1. Android O Beta (version 8) is available now for download. cc @Deorro


How do i make it read news for me cc @Deorro