Google maps crazy pics -3

its weekend. i have no AOBs other than leave you with the following:

gangster paradise
Guys, Robosexuals are real[ATTACH=full]9731[/ATTACH]
This prison escape.[ATTACH=full]9721[/ATTACH]
the 3-some[ATTACH=full]9722[/ATTACH] This naked man in a trunk- talk of Saturday morning.[ATTACH=full]9723[/ATTACH]
dude moment for team cheki maneno[ATTACH=full]9724[/ATTACH]
This crazy guy [ATTACH=full]9725[/ATTACH] These irritated scuba divers[ATTACH=full]9728[/ATTACH]
[SIZE=5]this woman searching car keys[ATTACH=full]9730[/ATTACH]
This woman @Nefertities doing the worm on the side walk.[ATTACH=full]9732[/ATTACH] [/SIZE]

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noma sana

Haha that guy in the trunk…lol

Is that threesome a woman giving birth?

Hehe… You figured it out. Yah. The guy’s holding the little chap like a trophy.