Google explicit images

Guys i have noticed that it’s impossible to view explicit images on google. This happens whether you log in or not. Sasa do u thinj the govt. Or safaricom Censors the images ama ni macho zangu zikona shida?

Your parents have put a “child lock”.:D:D


No, google stopped allowing explicit image searches being done. Even if you deactivate the filter. Its something they started doing a couple of months back. Some pictures can still be found but its something they have decided to stop

I just googled “bent over naked” and clicked on the image button and this is what I saw. So obviously I disagree with you.


I stand corrected. Google was to stop hosting pornographic/explicit content on their Blogger network (blogspot etc). I guess the image results from those pages are what were filtered out.

dude, i honestly cant think of a time i have ever used bing to search anything. It would be using


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Attach mbisha vizuri tuone before @uncle monk akukujie

Search is never targeted to specific things. Its just an objective automatic filter. Find an image give it a name far different from, sex, porn, XXX, hardcore, nude etc and it will fall through and appear on the organic results. Images themselves are difficult o analyse and determine their explicit nature using sofware. Pictures of people like beyonce, Niki minaj, Kim kardashian, Vera Sidika, Faith etc who are important to search engines would dissappear if the engines filtered anything that appeared to be close to explicit using software. Doing manually is next to impossible and biased.

And again, google search is interested in you loving it and not in any cultural value.

Login in to Google then change your filter settings. Alternatively vile umeambiwa Bing is the best search engine for porn

Tried Bing, didn’t like it one bit. I prefer Google all the way. If I have to use an alternative, hata sasa heri DuckDuckGo!

use another browser