Google Assistant vs Siri vs Cortana vs Amazon Echo

Which is the best digital assistant that you have used, what device IoT have you connected it to?

Google assistant does it for me

Planning your day or what feature? I like the calling, dictating reminders and texting feature, it’s what I use most

Am with @coldpilsner
Google assistant… Does everything,
Looks up appointments, reminders, shopping, meal preps, toggle setts

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Google assistant wins hands down. Siri still has a long way to go

Watu wa diary tukae wapi?

Haha na Hawa [ATTACH=full]124016[/ATTACH]

Stone age


Mimi siwesi tumia hizo. They record everything you say and do and everywhere you go. Wacha zikae

Google Maps even shows uber cabs, anyone tried hailing one from the Maps option? @The.Black.Templar Google already collects vast amount of info, I usually get notifications from Maps on where I parked, and matatu options o_Oo_O

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Wueh! Thats new. Inakaa umeingia kwa system na miguu zote mbili

And in the morning, shows how long it will take to get to work, evening pia when heading home. I don’t recall ever putting my work place on maps. It’s scary coming to think of it

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Damn…that would freak me out completely

And also a very curated news feed, always like clockwork

Unless you are trying to vie for presidency… Why would you be worried… No one can use that against you… Unless of course you have CSI for a wife and she tech savvy

You just never know in whose bossom you will be lying next, t could be shaniqwa suckerberg

So your data is always on? How does it impact your phone’s charge?

ai??? my mobile data is only turned off nikiwa kwa nyumba. Once nimepita gate ya Esto Wifi is turned off automatically and mobile data switched on and vice versa nikirudi. I only charge my phone asubuhi nikiamka

Yes, always on. Battery life lasts 24hours, quick charge ya asubuhi and ready to go

I also noticed that google knows my work and home locations. I have no idea how that happened