Google and your data. Why you should care.

Did you know you can download all the information Google collects on you? I just did and the kind of information they keep will surprise(and scare you). We are talking:
==Make and configuration of your Android Device
==Voice Notes
Ooh and the links to all these data,specifically the media data? Accessible via public link…But don’t believe me. Download that data,see for yourself. Now you understand why CA were so intent on regulation.

HII tuliona lini?

Id rather not,i bet my internet search history is under investigeshen by the NSA,lets not even talk about my downloads and live streaming:D:D

Apa …Zile site nimeiongia…Ile uchafu nimefanya online…Ongeza Live chats…:p:p:p:D:D:DThe NSA /FBI and CIA …FSB and the likes can blackmail me anytime anyday…:rolleyes::rolleyes:o_O

All the three letter agencies are watching and listening.

Kuona ni bure. But do you understand the significance of having all that data accessible via email? 2FA is not a deterrent for anyone with malicious intent and fluent with CLI.


explain hapo on flunet with CLI

Anybody with any experience working with a command line can use Open Source tools like the Metaspoilt Framework to write keyloggers which by pass 2FA. You can also intercept 2FA with RFID antennas if the antenna is within range.