Goodnight all

just listen… dont judge;list=PLfWR1CZWWjcbcFHSEpC_0wNASHIVA26aY

pls just listen

The party kicks vibaya sana with this song by my fav man…
listen to yours in a a few minutes but this one kills me…

Not spoiling your post, just that I have been working with Aslay for long.

Wiz is sooo hot anyaawy

Pole for messing our post

No that is alright. The spirit is to ENJOY…post…

So gay bro…
Sleep is for the weak. We got to pay the bills. Btw @Miss Finest Wine zile sofa zilifika…hehehe.

did you listen?

My wiz …

might be but… just spare a minute

In a few minutes wacha nicheck.

so so on fire, thanks

its different but doesnt make wiz weaker… anyway hii pombe itaniua

Woow…testing testing here I come. Mieen you have done well for yourself young d…nitumie pikcha nione and how is the cooking coming along?

Acha pombe…if it is not working.

Remind me on Wednesday when I get back to my house. I am on a short getaway in the coast. Got a big payday so lazima nirudishie mwili asante before Kenya ichomwe na Nasarites.

Been off akohol for a long time. born, live and die

@denis young …I sure will darl…I sure will. I remain vvv proud of you and your accomplishments. We will catch up elsewhere but jienjoy max…‘they’ are taking us nowhere…huku tumewashow no no no go away…we are behind Uhuru.